To better understand our surroundings and to influence the world in which we live

We understand and effect change in our world through communication via speech, television, film, computers, telephones, nonverbal actions, and other media. The study of communication, then, allows us better to understand our surroundings and to influence the world in which we live; it is the study of how symbols shape social realities.

The Communication major enables students to study communication in a liberal arts context. The major prepares students to be productive professionals and responsible, thoughtful citizens in their communities. Throughout their course of study, students conduct critical analyses of mediated and oral communication, and hone the skills of oral and written communication and critical thinking. Through analysis and practice, students become better producers and consumers of communication texts. Students who graduate from Eckerd College with a degree in Communication will have the skills essential for graduate study, as well as careers in marketing, public relations, law, teaching, media, entertainment, human resources, and non-governmental organizations, among others. Just as importantly, they will have developed skills that will make them productive and ethical citizens in a diverse, rapidly changing world.

In addition to the required coursework, students majoring in communication are strongly encouraged to undertake internships in communication-related fields. Students have recently held internships with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, WTVT (Fox News), Bauer Martinez Studios, the St. Petersburg Aquarium, and the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce.