Facilities and Laboratories

The Computer Science Laboratory provides a special physical and virtual educational facility. The broad array of computing, communication and other technology resources and the flexibility in configuring these systems encourages student creativity for coursework and special projects as well as students’ own projects.

Computer Science maintains four specialized computing facilities which are:

  • Microcomputer laboratory – This laboratory is composed of 12 microprocessor systems that are configured to execute either the Linux or Windows operating systems. A two processor high performance file and login server supports the Linux operating system (pythagoras.eckerd.edu). Microcomputer software includes Eclipse, Sun NetBeans Java and Microsoft software development systems which are used for programming in the Introduction to Computer Science (CS 143) laboratory session meetings. Other software includes several word processing and office systems, graphics software, geographic information systems (GIS) software, and image, audio and video editing software.
  • Workstation and server laboratory – This laboratory includes 16 Sun Microsystems workstations which include both SPARC and Opteron processors. One of systems is a very high performance graphics workstation with four 64-bit processor cores and a 24″ LCD monitor. The Sun file and LDAP server is a dual core system with a high performance RAID (eckserver.eckerd.edu). These system run the Unix/Solaris operating system. Software in the laboratory includes a wide variety of system and software development tools. Several other Sun systems and network routers are maintained in the lab to provide students with the experience of configuring and administering computing and network systems. This laboratory is used for the weekly laboratory meetings of the Computer Architecture (CS 310) class in which students learn assembly language programming, web service functions, and administrator type shell programming. Several other classes including Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Computer Networks and Database System use the Sun systems for in class and homework assignments.
  • Integrated media laboratory/studio – This laboratory provides a broad range of video and multi-media development facilities. There are several Mac and PC video editing workstations connected to a Mac file server with a high performance RAID to allow cooperative post production editing (CSMacMediaServer.eckerd.edu). Other equipment includes numerous digital video cameras, an HD camera, a steady/glidecam camera support, a camera crane, and other audio and video equipment. Software includes Apple Final Cut and Adobe Premiere. The server contains an extensive music and sound effects royalty free library.This laboratory is used for several Filmmaking courses as well as numerous student and other video and computer graphics projects.
  • Computer Science Teaching Studio – Computer Science received a significant grant from Hewlett-Packard to develop and implement new teaching methods using tablet computer technology. The studio includes 20 HP laptop tablet computers, a video and media presentation system, and class video recording equipment. Many of the computer science classes meet in this room.

These laboratory systems provide students with the opportunity to use a broad range of computers. Other laboratory equipment includes several laser printers, a color laser printer, a large color plotter, and several scanners. All of the laboratory computers and equipment are connected to the campus network and can be accessed by students from on or off campus.

Other computing laboratories and resources include the Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics computing laboratories which include Apple, Linux, and PC type computers. Additionally, there are several general purpose computing laboratories located in the library and throughout the campus.