Senior Comprehensive Research Topics

My comprehensive project “helped me make up my mind on a future career path. I now fully intend to become a large scale restaurant developer and I will begin to take the steps to follow that path,” Ed Flores ’96

All students graduating in economics either do a thesis (spread out over two semesters) or senior comprehensives. The comprehensives are applied research projects aimed at allowing students to demonstrate that they are able to engage in open ended research by choosing a topic, planning its execution, collecting the data, analyzing the material with the appropriate economic tools and coming to some conclusion about the problem they posed. Students often choose topics based on career interests. These projects are overwhelmingly microeconomic in nature.

Browse the list to see what students have done:


  • Kyle J. Bingham, “The Main Determinants Of Foreign Direct Investment Net Inflows: A Case Study Of Northern, Southern And Western European Countries: Pooled Regression Analysis, 1995-2019”
  • Caeden Bishop, “Regression Analysis of the Determinants of Wealth Inequality in the United States Over Time, Q3 1989 to Q1 2021”
  • Sam Boudreau, “Examining the Macroeconomic Variables that Affect S&P 500 Quarterly Returns from Q2 1990 through Q4 2021”
  • Lucy Ferlauto, “The Effect of Demand Side Management Programs and Policies on Electricity Demand, across U.S. States: A Regression Analysis”
  • Emil Sandvik, “Determinants of Residential Demand for Natural Gas in the Netherlands, February 2014-June 2022”


  • Ali Allegri, “Entrepreneurship and the Economy: A Cross-Section Regression Analysis of the Determinants of Small and Medium Enterprise Development in 2018, by Country”
  • Max Chupak, “A Pooled Regression Analysis of Healthy Life Expectancy At Birth Determinants in O.E.C.D. Countries For The Years 2000, 2010, 2015, 2019”
  • Gonzalo Echanove Gonzalez de anleo, “Does a bigger budget translate to success? A cross-sectional regression analysis on the determinants of success in the top 5 European Soccer leagues in the 2017/18 season (98 total teams)”
  • Emerson Hamer, “Does Gender Matter?  Determinants of Skilled Labor Wages in the United States: Cross-Sectional Regression Analyses for Nine High-Earning Occupations, 2019”
  • Tori Moore, “Know Your Limits – The Determinants of Alcohol Consumption by State, 2013-2019: A Regression Analysis”
  • Blake Muller, “Why Don’t We Just Print More Money?: A quarterly regression analysis of CPI beginning in Q2 of 1961 ending in Q2 of 2021”
  • Molly Rabin, “The True Cost Of Milk: A Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Dairy And Milk Alternatives”
  • Casey Smith, “What Makes Us Happy? A Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of the Determinants of Happiness Across Countries for the Years 2014-2018”
  • Tyler Venditti, “Economics and Performance in MLB Attendance: A Linear Regression Analysis across Teams, 2005 to 2019”
  • Cailey Williams, “Take A Hike! A Pooled Regression Analysis of National Parks Visitation in the United States, 1973-2019”


  • Nick Chase, “A Multivariable Regression Analysis Predicting Monthly Cannabis Earnings in Colorado Over Time: January 2014-October 2020”
  • Calven Engstrom, “Determinants of Per Capita Income Across States to Discover Evidence of Economic and Social Rights Issues from 2012–2016: A Multivariable Pooled Regression Analysis”
  • Manny Epstein, “A Cross-National Regression Analysis: Predicting Income Inequality as a Function of Multiple Determinants in the European Union: 2010-2018”
  • Maddy Essner, “A Cross-Country Regression Analysis of Human Development in 2018”
  • Tom Gilburg, “Societal Obesity: A pooled CROSS-SECTIONAL Regression Analysis Observing Obesity Rates in the United States from 2014-2018”
  • John Greene, “The Determinants of US Poverty By State 2010-2015: Pooled Regression Analysis”
  • Sarah Johnshoy, “Can empowering women save lives? A Cross-Country Regression Analysis of Under-Five Mortality Rates in 2017”
  • Annalise Kendrick, “The influence of demographics, maternal and infant health, access to healthcare, delivery, education, and county characteristics on 2014 county-level maternal mortality rates: a multivariate linear regression analysis”
  • Stone Marhoun, “Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment: A Regression Analysis of 2017 Cross-Country Data”
  • Katie McSweeney, “Healthcare, Cost of Living, Religion and Sexual Violence: A Cross Country Regression Analysis of the Determinants of 2014 Female Labor Force Participation”
  • Daniel Passmore, “Socioeconomic Determinants of Drug Overdose at the State Level from 2014-2018: Pooled Regression Analysis”
  • Skylar Vanderwolf, “A Cross-Country Regression Analysis of the determinants of Renewable Energy Consumption in 2015”
  • Claire Varnum, “Educational Attainment: A Cross-Country Regression Analysis of Mean Years of Schooling in 2018”


  • Ishant Ayadassen, “Regression analysis of Determinants of Daily Online Food Ordering Demand for Munch Deliveries LLC, Eckerd College, Fall 2019”
  • Charles Doordan, “Single Site Recreational Demand Analysis of Determinants of Visitor Day Trips Taken to Pinellas County Beaches, Summer 2019: A Cross Sectional Regression Analysis”
  • Gavin Erard, “A Cross-Sectional Linear Regression Analysis of the Determinants of Crime in the U.S. in 2016, by County”
  • Rivers Farmer, “A Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of the Determinants of Public and Private Spending on Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation in the U.S. in 2016 by Metropolitan Statistical Area”
  • Emily Gould, “A Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of Income Earned from the Sale of Non-Timber Forest Products in Kam Cha i, Thailand in 2016”
  • Noah Landstrom, “Regression Analysis on Hunting Licenses by State Using Pooled Data from 2005, 2009, & 2016”
  • Saralee Tovar, “How Much of an Impact Does Immigration Have on Incomes Across the World?  A Cross-Country Regression Analysis of the Determinants of Gross National Income Per Capita, 2017”
  • Julia Van Fleet, “What Goes Into Your Morning Coffee?  A Cross-Country Analysis of Coffee Production in Exporting Countries with a Focus on Fair Trade, 2006-2017”
  • Nicole White, “A Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of the Determinants of the Prevalence of Fast Food Restaurants in Florida’s Counties in 2016”
  • Emily Yanuskiewicz, “Exploring Female Empowerment in Egypt: A Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis on Education Attained by Females in 2014, Ages 15-25”


  • Felix Bolivar “Regression Analysis of the Relationship between Performance Statistics and Earnings of the PGA Tour Players, 2017”
  • Jenna Burr “Analyzing the Impact of ESG Initiatives on Individual Quarterly Stock Returns: A Pooled Linear Regression Analysis Across the S&P 500 in 2016”
  • Madeline Carlson “Linear Regression Analysis of Contributing Factors to CO2 Emissions by State, 1997-2016”
  • Nikita Goldenberg “The Determinants of Voter Turnout across Counties in Florida for the Previous Five General Election Cycles, using Pooled Data Set (2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018)”
  • Alasdair Knox, “Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment Within the OECD Member Countries”
  • Paul Koch “The Determinants of Average Attendance at NBA Home Games”
  • Lila Lopez Ruiz “The Effects of Speaking an Additional Language on Salary and Wages Utilizing the Mincer Equation: A Regression Analysis for 2016”
  • Jennifer Mayer “A Cost-Benefit Analysis on a Single Household Switching from Coal-Powered Electricity to Solar-Powered Electricity”
  • Tim Sensenig “The Impact of the Performance and Presence of MLB Teams on Restaurant and Bar Revenue Across MSAs in the United States”
  • Robert Trice “Linear Regression Analysis: Demand for New Automobiles, Quarterly during the Years 1977-2015”
  • Timothy Walsh “A Cross-Country Linear Regression Analysis of Life Expectancy”


  • John Chase “What Causes People to Live and Die in the United States?
    A County Level Cross-Sectional Multiple Regression Analysis”
  • Lily Curry “Identifying Determinants of Trips to Beaches in Pinellas County, Florida, Using the Travel Cost Method: June-July 2016 & 2017”
  • James Gates “A Cross-Sectional Regression analysis on the Determinants of High School Dropout Rates Across Florida and Georgia School Districts with a Focus on Disenfranchised Groups in the 2014-2015 Academic Year”
  • Alissa Hevesh “Climate Change: The Determinants of Global CO2 Emissions — A Cross-Country Regression Analysis”
  • Kevin Kane “Predicting the Success of NFL Quarterbacks: A Regression Analysis”
  • Robert Labus “A Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis: Predicting Average Income Across Countries in 2014”
  • Jill Larner “A Cross-Country Regression Analysis of Income Inequality Determinants in 2013”
  • Victor Makkas “Analyzing the Determinants of 2010 and 2015 Incarceration Rates Throughout the United States: Are Socioeconomic Disadvantaged Conditions an Important Contributor to Incarceration?”
  • Grace Miller “Regression Analysis of the Number of Visits to a Local Forest in Kamcha-I, Thailand in 2016: Forest Product Extraction and Motivations for Entry”
  • Sam Purinton “Is Desmond Right? A Regression Analysis on the Determinants of Poverty across the 50 States and DC for the Years 2012-2016, with a Special Focus on Housing Instability”
  • Keith Ravid “A Cross Sectional Comparison of the Determinants of Stock Returns between Growth and Value Stocks 2011-2015”
  • Kaitlyn Sibson “They Say You Can’t Choose Your Family, But Does It Matter? A Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of the Determinants of High School Graduation Rates in the US, by State for the 2006-2013 School Years”
  • Hana Zwick “A Cross-Country Regression Analysis of the Determinants of Women’s Health, 2014”


  • Michael Bartosiewicz “Discrimination, Salary Caps, and Free Agency: Determinants of NBA Salaries – a Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of 2016-17 Salaries”
  • Melyssa Millett “Health, Economy, and Female Choice: A Cross-Country Regression Analysis of the Determinants of 2014 Fertility Rates”
  • Doris Mukwanga Kongolo “A Cross-Country Analysis of the Determinants of Female Education Attainment in 2012”
  • Marcia Villanueva “Determinants of Corruption: A Cross-Country Regression Analysis for 2014”


  • Charisse Devoti “A Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of the Socio-Economic Determinants of Secondary School Enrollment in 2011, by Country”
  • Megan McCoy “Regression Analysis of MLB Season Stadium Attendance by Team for the 2007-2015 Seasons, With an Emphasis on Analyzing the Effects of the Recent Economic Crisis”
  • Brett Moore “Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of Center and Defensemen’s Salaries for the 2014-2015 season in the NHL”
  • Robert Musci “The Hidden Cost of Waterfront Property: Measuring the Effects of a Coastal Hazard Zone on Housing Prices During a Period of Economic Recession and Slow Recovery Using a Hedonic Model in Pinellas County, FL: 2006-2013”
  • Julia Sparks “Socio-Economic Factors Influencing Women’s Economic Participation: A Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of Female Labor Force Participation in 2011, by Country”
  • Sonja Vukovic “OLS Regression Analyses on the Determinants of American Women’s Income in 2014”


  • Blake Bishop “A Pooled Regression Analysis of Attendance to NBA Stadiums for the Seasons 2003-04 through 2011-12 by Team”
  • Garrett Butler “Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of Natural Resource Curse by Country, 1980-2012”
  • Zach Charbonneau “A Pooled Data Regression Analysis of the Determinants of Ticket Prices in the NFL from 2007-2013 by Team”
  • Dustin Colson Leaning “An Ecologic Country-level Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of HIV Prevalence in 2013”
  • Caleb Dowdy “Modifying an Existing Energy-Economic Oil Production Model to Reflect Logistic Labor Population”
  • Liam Murphy “Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis for Wide Receivers Entering the NFL from 2000-2012: Predicting Wide Receiver Success in the NFL”
  • Thomas Ogg “Determinants of the S&P 500 Index: Time-Series Regression Analysis”
  • Kira Tangney “Dependency and Child Mortality: A Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of Countries, 2012”
  • Thomas Zimath “A Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of Real Gross Domestic Product Per Capita across Countries, for the Year of 2012”


  • Richard Cruz-Sanchez “Determinants of the 2013 Major League Baseball Starting Pitchers’ Salaries: Regression Analysis”
  • Erik Ubing Figueiredo “Cost-Benefit Analysis: Replacing the Current Yellow Bike Program with a Bicycle Sharing System”
  • C. Sophia Finn “A Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of Health, Social, and Economic Determinants of Worldwide Maternal Mortality Rates (2010)”
  • Andrew Kerbs “Valuing Access to the Sarasota Bay Estuary in 2013: A Single Site Recreational Demand Travel Cost Method”
  • Sarah Larsen “The Effect of Women’s Empowerment on the Growing Population: A Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of Determinants of Fertility Across the World in 2012, by Country”
  • Phil MacDonald “Cost-Benefit Analysis of 12 Eckerd-Sponsored Concerts with Artists of Different Playing Arrangements from 2014-2018”
  • Robert Savoie “A Net Present Value Analysis of a Precious Metals Refining Business in Rhode Island”
  • Daniel Elijah Sloane “Why Do Disparities in Income between Countries Exist? Economic Development: A Cross-Country Regression Analysis”
  • Jason Teitelman “Regression Analysis: Demand Function for Motor Fuel with Economic Growth and Car and Truck Usage”
  • Alec John Witkowski “Determining MLB Hitters’ Salaries: Regression Analysis”


  • Kevin Boyd “The Effects of Shoreline Type on Waterfront Property Values in Sarasota and Manatee County 2008-2010: Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis”
  • Erica Diffee “The Determinants of Secondary School Enrollment in Developing Countries, A Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis, 2010”
  • Matthew Duffy “Factors Impacting Revenue of MLB and NBA Franchises, 2011: A Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis”
  • Paul Henderson “A Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of PGA Tour Performance and Earnings in 2012”
  • Ryan Jarrett “An Evaluation of the Effects of Pre-crisis Economic Conditions in Determining the Extent the 2008 Financial Crisis Affected Developing Countries: A Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis”
  • Rosie Kerber “Extending Kuznets Hypothesis: A Cross-National Regression Analysis of the Determinants of Income Equality, 2007”
  • Leia Nazar “The Determinants of Private College Enrollment in 2007 Across the States: A Multiple Regression Analysis”
  • Lee Staley “The Consequences of Resource and Demographic Heterogeneity for Infant Mortality: A Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of Determinants in Developed and Developing Countries, in 2008”
  • Kevin Vine “Net Present Value Analysis of the Pavilion Conversion Project at Wild Wind Stables”


  • Alex Carlson “Cross-Section Analysis of Gross National Income Per Capita Across Countries, 2006”
  • Carrie Clough “Social and Economic Determinants of Life Expectancy in 2006 Across Countries: A Multiple Regression Analysis”
  • Paul Posillico “Predicting Major League Baseball Salaries of Offensive Players in 2010: A Regression Analysis”
  • Elizabeth Robison “A Regression Analysis of the Demand for Domestic Corn in the US, 1982-2010”
  • Thomas Serta “Cost-Benefit Analysis: Replacing Incandescent Lights at the Eckerd Campus Pub with Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)”
  • Alexandra Smith “Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment Inflows in 2007, by Country”
  • Nicholas Sotire “Environmental Nonmarket Good Valuation Meta-Analysis for Application in Benefit Transfer: The Marginal Value of a Recreational Fish”



  • Brooke Bargowski “A Net Present Value Analysis of Opening a WhirlyBall in Tampa”
  • Jan-Luca Bell “Impact of Monetary Policy on Sector-Specific Stock Returns”
  • Ross Dingwall “Cross-National Regression Analysis of Determinants for Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, 2008”
  • Juan Garcia “Effects of Monetary Policy on Equity Markets: A Regression Analysis”
  • Callum Georgallides “A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Adding a Second Dance Studio to the Eckerd College Fitness Centre”
  • Andrew Howard “Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Safe Ride Program at Eckerd College over a Five Year Period (2011-2015)”
  • Bailey Kennett “Multivariate Regression Analyses: Access to Improved Water and Sanitation Sources as a Determinant of Child Mortality Rate, 2008”
  • Richard Kyser “Analyzing Economic and Demographic Causes of Property Crime in Florida’s Sixty-Seven Counties using Varying Statistical Models”
  • Anya Machado “A Demand Function for Housing Starts: A Regression Analysis (1980-2010)”
  • Enrique Munoz “Cost-Benefit Analysis for Alternative Sidewalks around the Academic Area at Eckerd College from 2011-2035”
  • Brittany O’Shaughnessy “Regression Analysis of Implied Volatility S&P 500’s Impact on Consumer Confidence: A Time Series Analysis”
  • Eder Romero “Cross-Section Analysis on the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Less Developed Countries in 2006, by Country”
  • Drew Smith “Cost-Benefit Analysis: Building a New Iota”


  • Jonathan Bonner “The Determinants of Secondary School Enrollment in Developing Countries: Cross-Country Regression Analysis, 2005”
  • C.J. Denmark “Net Present Value Analysis: Charter-fishing Venture, Tierra Verde, FL.”
  • Natalie Fink “Cost-Benefit Analysis of Light Control Motion Sensors in Seibert Classrooms, Eckerd College.”
  • Dillon Garback “The Yellow Bike Program: A Cost-Benefit Analysis.”
  • Anda Malescu “A Regression Analysis: U.S. Import Demand for Crude Oil.”
  • Woody Priest “Net Present Value Analysis of Constructing a Showroom at Burr Roofing’s Headquarters in Stratford, Connecticut.”
  • Brianna Wall “The Eckerd College Waterfront Checkout Program: A Cost-Benefit Analysis.”


  • Joana Cardao “Socioeconomic Determinants of the Under-Five Mortality Rate: a Cross-Country Regression Analysis.”
  • Daniel Fickett “Ramco Gen One: NPV Analysis.”
  • Kari McNair “Determinants of Fertility: Regression Analysis.”
  • Rodney Reynosa “The Determinants of Income Inequality: A Cross-Section Analysis”
  • Douglas Smith “Determinants of COMEX Gold Prices.”
  • Leland Wilson “Determinants of Volatility in the S&P 500: A model of the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index (VIX) using regression analysis.”


  • Stan Smith “Solar Energy on Eckerd College’s Campus.”
  • Katja Riise “The Cost Effectiveness of Installing a Wind Turbine on Eckerd College’s Campus.”
  • Simon Buenker “Which EC Alumni Make President’s Collegium Donations.”
  • Brett Buckingham “A Cost Effectiveness Analysis on the Mudlogging Operations for Paint Rock Operating, LLC.”
  • Mike Bonaduce “An Economic Advantage: An Economic Analysis of Greyhound Racing.”
  • Phil Rooney “Cost Effectiveness of Compact Fluorescent Lights in EC’s Photosensitive Vandal Proof Light Fixtures.”
  • Talia Hagerty “Exploring the Relationship between Economic Growth and the Human Development Index.”
  • Brian Lynch “Determinants of the Human Development Index Performance.”


  • Jacob Russ “Does Size Matter: Height in the Baseball Workplace.”
  • Philip Anderson “The Determinants of the Unites States Demand for International Air Travel.”
  • Steve Muscarella “TigerWoods’ Relative Performance in Major Championships, 1997 – 2007”
  • Rachel Robbins “Cross-sectional Analysis of the Determinants of U.S. Persons without Health Insurance for the 48 Contiguous States, 2000.”
  • Chad Hill “Cross-section of the Economic and Social Factors Influencing Homicide by Selected Large U.S. Cities, 2000.”
  • John Hadley “Supply Models for Gag and Red Grouper in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico from 1993 to 2003.”
  • Sanjar Shodiev “What are the Causes of the Fluctuations in Televison Ratings for the NBA Finals from 1991-2006?”
  • Justin Roberts “Profitability Analysis of Bethany Auto Parts and Marine Supplies.”
  • Ashley Edmund “A Cross Country Regression Analysis of the Determinants of the Infant Mortality Rate in 1999.”
  • Dimitri Ivanov “Evaluation of a Residential Educational Entity’s Decision to Construct a New Dorm based on the Iota Complex at Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Fl.”


  • Cindy Chittick “A Linear Regression Analysis of the Socio-economic Determinants of HIV Prevalence in Less Developed Countries.”
  • Andrew Valdespino “A Regression Analysis of Seller Strategies on Ebay.”
  • Ross Felsher “Determinants of Net Portfolio Investment Flows to Emerging Market Countries (EMCs) 2000-2003: A Pooled Data Regression Analysis.”
  • Alexander McKenzie “Determinants of Trade Openness: A Cross Section Regression Analysis.”
  • Armand Atkinson “Determinants of Foreign Direct Investments.”
  • Sebastian Neidemayer “What Drives the Stock Market? A Regression Analysis of the S&P 500 for the Period 1960 – 1995.”
  • Jose Campos “The Economic Fundamentals of the Regional Median US House Price and the Signs of a Housing Bubble.”
  • Jarrett Rodriguez “Economic Determinants of Black and White Juvenile Crime: A Regression Analysis.”


  • Sotos Loizides “Determinants of Exchange Rate Fluctuations between the Japanese Yen and the U.S. Dollar.”
  • Ray Miller “Profitability Analysis for Hartville Hardware’s Relocation of John Deere Project.”
  • Nick Bianchi “Determinants of Major League Baseball Salaries Using Starting Pitchers: A Regression Analysis.”
  • Yan (Tommy) Lynn “An Econometric Analysis of Aggregate Foreign Direct Investment in the United States (1971 – 2002)
  • Andre Mittag “A Gross Section Global Regression Analysis: Is the Openness of an Economy a Positive Significant Determinant of Per Capita Income?”
  • Nicolas Ric “A Net Present Value for Lemans Ltda in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.”
  • Justin Bryer “Stock Valuation Determinants for the Companies Eastman Kodak and General Motors: A Regress ion Analysis”


  • Ana Stavreva “Gasoline Demand in the US: Cross Sectional Analysis by State for the Year 2000.”
  • Giorgi Minchev “The Determinants of Residential Property Prices in St. Petersburg, Florida – A Hedonic Price Model.”
  • Ash Ludwig “Strategic Behavior, Bid Determinants and Market Convergence: An Analysis of Auction Bids for 100 British Half Sovereigns.”
  • Pablo Rivera “Industrial Demand Function for the Solid Tire, Models 6.00-9SL and 7.00-12SL, Produced by Covencaucho Industries in Venezuela between 1993 and 2003.”
  • Brian Giue “Cost Benefit Analysis for a Series of Eight Mid-Size Concerts at Eckerd College over a Four Year Period 2004-2007.”
  • Arjun Mallik “Cross-Sectional Regression Analysis of Net Equity Portfolio Flows to and from all Emerging Markets for the Years 1997 and 2000.”


  • Rachel Nohlgren “US Import Demand for Coffee and Rice: An Analysis of the Income and Price Elasticities of US Demand for Coffee and Rice from 1990 through 2000, using Quarterly Data.”


  • Vicki Grafton “The Motivations behind Administrative (Water) Rate Structures.”
  • Ananya Kaikini “Maytag: Where to You do Your Laundry” (A stock evaluation study.)
  • David Page “Construction of a Quality of Life Index for U.S. Metropolitan Areas.”
  • Kristopher Jacobs “The Infant Mortality Rate: A Cross-Country Regression Analysis.”
  • Ekow Arku “The Impact of Government Military Expenditures on Economic Growth in the United States.”
  • Tom Wood “Regression Analysis of Determinants of Fertility Rates Across Countries.”
  • Andrew Deringer “The Country-Specific Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment Flows: A Cross Country Regression.”
  • Dan Cooper “Determination of Major League Baseball Salaries with Evidence of Revenue Disparity and Escalating Salaries.”
  • Katherine Orietta British Demand for Tourist Visits to Greece.
  • Sarah Krasniak “The Demand Estimation of an eBay Auction.”


  • Emil Iantchev “Tests of Covered Interest Parity.”
  • Christie Biggs “Estimating the Costs and Benefits of Recycling Aluminum, Glass and Plastic in Pinellas County.”
  • Kristy Mattice “An Economic Impact Analysis of the Marine Services for Madiera Beach Seafood’s Grouper and Shark Fishing Industry Specific to Pinellas County for 1999.”
  • Mike Mueller “Predicting Stock Price Changes of America Online.”
  • Alex Causin “Estimating the Demand for Tabacco in America”
  • Yolonda Nunes “A Regression Analysis: The Determinants of Household Demand for Telephone Service.”


  • Melanie Robinson “Economic Impact Analysis of Eckerd College on the Tampa Bay Area.”
  • Melanie Griggs “An Economic Impact Analysis of the Commercial Red Snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) Fishery in the Northern Gulf of Mexico.”
  • Maria Dusheva “Wage Differential Between Male and Female Executives.”
  • Dave Novak “Variability Among Stock Returns in the S&P 500 Index: A Regression Analysis.”
  • Jeff Kliewer “The Determinants of Apartment Rent in Northwest Tampa, Florida: A Hedonic Price Estimation.”
  • Tom Muldoon “The Construction of a University in Juticulpa, Honduras: A Cost-Benefit Analysis.”
  • Lance Hendren “An Individual Customer’s Weekly Demand Curve Estimate for a 12 oz Cup of Regular Coffee from Joffreys Coffee Company, Located in Bay Point Plaza.”


  • Robert Cissel “Estimating the Demand for Off-Campus Housing among Eckerd Students”
  • Ertugrul Icingir “CBA on the Conversion of a Sports Facility to Alternative Uses”
  • Veneta Dimitrova “Estimating the Demand for Tourism in Pinellas County”


  • Zufa Chen “The Test of Income and Substitution Effects on ____ Demand.”
  • Vais Salikhov “Measuring Hypothetical Consumer Surplus and Dead Weight Loss in the Airline Industry.”
  • Ron Ford “A NPV Study of a Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store in St. Petersburg.”
  • Tim Delp “Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Eckerd College Weight Room”
  • Dave Florence “CBA of an Eckerd College Water Ski Lake”
  • Savina Mintcheva “Price Estimation of a New Semi-Intensive English Program in ELS, St. Petersburg.”
  • Tracy Perella “A Break-Even Analysis of Non-Traditional Housing at Eckerd”


  • Ed Flores “The Feasibility of Opening a Miami Subs Restaurant in O’Fallon Missouri”
  • Ali Tawawalla “Cost/Benefit Analysis of the Renovations of the Pub – Brown Hall Market”
  • Pete Lobravico “Business Plan for ‘The Brass Rail'”
  • Indur Ramchandani “Net Present Value Analysis of ConnECtions”
  • Zach Liggett “Perception Factors and Closed-End Mutual Fund Discounts: An Empirical Analysis”
  • David Sotsky “The Rhumba Room: Concept and Feasibility”


  • Mats Rydin “A Regression Analysis of the Exchange Rate between Sweden and Germany, 1983 – 1994”
  • Shanton Wilcox “The Wage Gap: An Empirical Analysis”


  • Alexander Kanazirski “Net Present Value Analysis of the Project Academic Year in the United States'”
  • Mike Malloy “Factors that Affect Attendance at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Home Games”
  • David Venditto “CMT USA: Distributor of High Quality Router Bits – A NPV Analysis”
  • Doug Free “Regression Analysis of Stock Market Indicators”
  • Becky Smith “Net Revenue Profitability and Cost-Benefit Analyses of the Pinellas County Recycling Program”
  • Jennifer Rudicil “Supporting Non-Traditional Families at Eckerd College: A Cost Benefit Analysis of Extending Benefits to Employees in Domestic Partnerships”
  • Julia Welch “A Case Study of the Bayside Bridge, Pinellas County, Florida”
  • Loren Moody “A Study of Systematic Trading Rules Using Closed End Mutual Funds and Discount/Premium Analysis”
  • Mary Hord “A Model to Determine United States Annual Agricultural Output”
  • Fabio Gheilerman “Predicting Exchange Rates for Brazil (1968-1984)”
  • Wendy Wilcox “A Present Value Analysis of the Cost of ‘Typical’ Substance Abusers”
  • Loreen Phillips “Breakeven Analysis of the GunWatch Gun Safety Video”


  • Fiona Kimmins “Estimating a Demand for Catfish”
  • David Weigman “Redington Shores Breakwater: A Cost-Benefit Analysis”
  • Paul Hoeper “Accurate Pricing of New Issues in the Restaurant and Gaming Industries 1/1/91- 12/31/92: Have Raymond James & Associates’ Underwritings Been Priced Consistently with the Market?”
  • Hans Schmidt “Overall Analysis of a Proposed Widening of a Two Lane to a Four Lane Highway”
  • Keith Craig “A Cost Benefit Analysis of Intercollegiate Baseball at Florida College”
  • Robert Kadel “Determining a Production Relationship for Norwegian Crude Oil”
  • Jason Schneider “Economic Analysis of the Continuing Education Center”
  • Javier Luzio “Feasibility Study: Proalvi”
  • Eric Stewart “A Cost Effective Analysis of the Eckerd College Asbestos Dilemma”
  • Anu Majotra “Intra-Regional Disparity: A Study of the Determinants of (Indian) Per Capita Net State Domestic Product”


  • Vicky Perk “Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Private Parking Lot at the Hurricane Seafood Restaurant”
  • Steve Nadel “An Economic Impact Analysis of the St. Louis Cardinal’s Spring Training on the St. Petersburg Economy”
  • Jim Mecir “Net Present Value Analysis of the Eckerd College Phone System for Students”
  • Glenn Luckinbill “He Said/She Said”
  • Jason Palmateer “Urban Influences on Major League Baseball Revenue”
  • Brita Osmundsvaag “Investigation of the Wage Gap: a Study of Male and Female Differences Within the Eckerd College Leadership Development Program”
  • Matt Staman “PRIDE at the Zephyrhills Correctional Institution Cost Benefit Analysis”
  • Matt Gerdeman “A Regression Analysis of the Determinants of Wage and Salary Income for Newly Released Inmates for the Florida Prison System


  • Claudia Lynch “An Analysis of the Social Costs of a Prenatally Drug-Exposed Child in Pinellas County”
  • Blake Fischer “The Eckerd College Intercollegiate Athletics Program: A Cost Benefit Analysis”
  • Drew Jennings “Acquisition of a Mortgage Broker: A Net Present Value Analysis”
  • Pete Kalogridis “Upper Hillsborough Wildlife Management Area Cost/Benefit Assessment”


  • Mark Jacobson “Demand Analysis for Eckerd College Education”
  • Rob Pace “Analysis of Hewlett Packard’s Revenue Function”
  • Mike Bentley “Analysis of a Video Rental Store Market in Florida”
  • George Bochis “Market Analysis of a Micro Brewery Restaurant in St. Petersburg”


  • Kalogridis, Peter “Economic Analysis Focussing on the Justification of Maintenance of the Upper Hillsborough Management Area”
  • Meyer, Melanie “Estimation of the Elasticities of the Export Supply of Alumina for Suriname”
  • Bricka, Stacey “The Academy of Senior Professional at Eckerd College: A Cost Benefit Analysis”
  • Gray, Joe “An Allocation Method for the Purchase of Books at Eckerd College”
  • Davenport, Mark “A Study of the Price Elasticity and Cross Elasticity of Isaly’s Klondike Bars”
  • Haleem, Irm “Estimating the Price Elasticity of Demand for Imported OPEC oil into the United States, 1967 – 1987”
  • Albright, Darlynnn “The Impact of the 1988 Drought on State Revenues in Nebraska” Sanjay Bhat “The Domestic Demand for Oil”


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