Study Abroad

Almost half of the men and women graduating from Eckerd each year have studied abroad while earning their Eckerd degrees, and all students who major in International Relations and Global Affairs are strongly encouraged spend a semester over-seas.

Students of International Relations and Global Affairs have a wide variety of opportunities for foreign study to choose from. The College has its own Eckerd London Study Centre in the heart of London. Professors frequently lead groups of students to the Centre, offering educational programs on various subjects.

Winter term, a creation of Eckerd in the 1960s that’s been widely adopted by other colleges, is a four week period in January that emphasizes independent study and provides further opportunity for foreign study. While a student may choose to remain on campus for this period, many winter term projects are completed away from campus, sometimes as part of a study in a foreign country. (Last year, offerings were available in Austria, Belize, Bermuda, China, Costa Rica, Guatemala, England, France, Galapagos Islands, Greece, Ireland, Laos, Vietnam, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, and Spain.) Next year, Dr. Felice plans to lead a group of International Relations minded individuals to Geneva for an intensive, hands-on introduction to the United Nations and related international organizations.

International Practicum

The international practicum is a type of internship that counts as at least one course credit and has both practical and reflective components. There are many resources available to help a student choose or design his or her own such internship. The practicum must have a clear international component if based locally or within the U.S.; it may include an independent study project abroad or a service abroad component. The student will work closely with a member of the political science faculty (or faculty from other disciplines represented in the major) in arranging for the practicum. The student is responsible for informing herself or himself of available types of practicums, for choosing one that meets her or his needs, and for fufilling the terms of the practicum contract in a timely manner.

Study International Organization and International Law in New York, Geneva and The Hague

There are a variety of opportunities to study international organization at Eckerd College. During Winter Term you can travel to New York and be part of a three week intensive on site study of the United Nations! During the school year you can can “Spring into Summer” with two courses. “Geneva and International Organization” includes three weeks visiting international organizations in Geneva, including the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the World Trade Organization. “The Hague and International Law” includes three weeks at The Hague (The Netherlands) and Strasbourg (France) where you interact with leaders at the International Criminal Court, International Court of Justice, and the European Court of Human Rights.