Academics to serve you for a lifetime

The personal attention students receive at Eckerd College’s Program for Experienced Learners (PEL) begins with an admission interview. We encourage you to schedule a one on one consultation with an admission representative to discuss your background, goals, and life experiences to help determine if PEL is the right fit for you.

We also understand that being an adult student is unique and your admissions adviser will help tailor a specific academic experience that will meet your academic, personal, professional and financial goals.

Your degree program

Your degree program will consist of a liberal arts general education curriculum combined with a major area of study. All of our majors provide an academic experience that will help you reach your goals, be it a career change, job advancement, preparation for graduate school, or for personal satisfaction.

As a nationally recognized liberal arts college we offer a variety of majors and concentrations for your bachelor’s degree. Some majors offer multiple focus areas. To view more information about our academic program, click here.

Online and directed study courses
Online and directed study courses are established Eckerd College courses completed outside the classroom setting over an 8 or 16 week period. Extensive reading and writing are required in directed study courses and work is done independently and submitted to the faculty member supervising the course.

Some classes are offered in a blended format combining class meetings with independent work.

Your first course

All PEL students begin by taking the course, Life, Learning, and Vocation (LLV). During this course you will be assigned to an academic adviser who will provide ongoing assistance and coordination of your degree plan until you graduate.

More about LLV

Life, Learning and Vocation (LLV) will be your first course as a PEL student. You will explore topics that are at the core of the human experience as we try to understand the moral, ethical, and intellectual questions of our experience, and the connections between our ideas and the ideas of others who have tried to make sense of these issues.

During LLV, you will be assigned to an academic adviser who will work with you to create an individualized degree plan and provide ongoing assistance throughout your time in the Program for Experienced Learners. You will also be assigned a faculty mentor for academic, career, graduate school, and any other questions you may have relating to your academic program.

A grade of C- or better in the Life, Learning, and Vocation course is required to continue the program.

LLV begins with a Saturday orientation workshop at Eckerd College’s main campus to introduce you to the college, and the LLV course.

During the LLV course you will have access to tutorial sessions which will help you with your writing requirements if you need assistance.

Advising support

At Eckerd College our objective is to help you reach your goal of completing your degree.  You will also be assigned a faculty mentor for academic, career, graduate school, and any other questions you may have relating to your academic program in PEL.

Class format

We offer several class formats based on how a particular subject is best learned. Some classes are taught in a five hour block, others are taught in a blended format where you attend class for three hours and then complete a two hour online assignment.  We also offer a selected number of classes online. The objective is always to provide you with the best academic experience possible.

Academic requirements

A bachelor’s degree at Eckerd College is comprised of a minimum of 36 courses with each course equivalent to 3.5 semester hours. These courses are taken at Eckerd College, brought in through transfer credit, or awarded based on the evaluation of experiential learning.

The specific number of courses you will need to complete your degree will be individually determined based on the amount of previous college credit and experiential learning credit awarded.

All students need to complete satisfactorily at least nine courses at Eckerd College regardless of previous work. You will work with an advisor to plan a program of study suited to your goals and to determine the requirements you must complete to earn your bachelor’s degree.

Academic writing

In study after study, employers cite communication as one of the most important skills they look for in new hires. No matter what field you are in or are entering, written communication with teammates and supervisors is necessary for advancement and success. PEL graduates take pride in knowing that they have acquired and demonstrated writing competency that sets them apart professionally and prepares them to succeed in graduate and professional advanced degree programs. To support your success, PEL Writing Services offers numerous resources for students.

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