PH 241N: Fundamental Physics I
Kinematics and dynamics for linear and rotational motion, Newton's laws of motion, gravity. Concepts of work, energy, momentum, angular momentum and conservation laws. Oscillatory motion, fluids. Calculus based, with laboratory. Corequesite: MA 131M.

PH 242: Fundamental Physics II
Temperature, gas laws, first and second laws of thermodynamics, entropy. Electric charge, fields, current, DC circuits. Magnetic fields and forces, Ampere's law, and Faraday's law of induction. Geometrical and physical optics. Calculus based with laboratory. Prerequisite: PH 241N and MA 131M.

PH 243: Waves and Relativity
Special relativity. Classical wave equation. Mechanical, electromagnetic and quantum mechanical waves. Fourier series. Laboratory component. Prerequisites: PH242 and MA132M.

PH 244: Electronics Laboratory
First principles of analog and digital electronic circuit theory, basic operation of electronic circuits, instruments, utilizing modern electronic technique and instrumentation. Prerequisite: PH 242.

PH 245: Computer Models in Science
Introduction to computational science through physical, chemical, geological and biological examples. Modeling of various dynamical systems like planets, molecules and populations by programming a computer. Learning software programs to visualize results. Prerequisites: PH 242 and and either CS 120M or CS 143. Fulfills a computational science minor requirement.

PH 330: Statistical Mechanics Interpretive
Fundamental concepts of thermodynamics including first, second and third laws; thermodynamic potentials. Development of the Maxwell-Boltzman, Fermi-Dirac, and Bose-Einstein distribution functions. Prerequisite: PH 243.

PH 331: Statistical Mechanics Investigative
Laboratory version of PH 330. Prerequisite: PH 243.

PH 340: Classical Mechanics Interpretive
Particles and rigid bodies, elastic media, waves, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations of dynamics. Prerequisites: PH 242 and MA 234N.

PH 341: Classical Mechanics Investigative
Laboratory version of PH 340. Prerequisites: PH 242 and MA 234N.

PH 342: Electricity and Magnetism I Interpretive
Maxwell's equations in the study of electric and magnetic fields, AC and DC circuits. Electromagnetic wave theory introduced. Prerequisites: PH 242 and MA 234N.

PH 343: Electricity and Magnetism I Investigative
Laboratory version of PH 342. Prerequisites: PH 242 and MA 234N.

PH 344: Electricity and Magnetism II Interpretative
Continuation of PH 342. Electrodynamics, electromagnetic waves, and special relativity. Prerequisite: PH 342.

PH 345: Electricity and Magnetism II Investigative
Laboratory version of PH 344. Prerequisites: PH 241N and PH 242.

PH 352: Quantum Physics I Interpretative
Modern quantum theory and relativity. Comparison of classical and quantum results. Prerequisite: PH 243.

PH 353: Quantum Physics I Investigative
Laboratory version of PH 352. Prerequisite: PH 243.

PH 354: Quantum Physics II Interpretative
Three-dimensional wave equation and application to hydrogen atoms. Identical particles introduced with emphasis on low- energy scattering. Prerequisite: PH 352.

PH 355: Quantum Physics II Investigative
Laboratory version of PH 354. Prerequisite: PH 352 or PH 353.

PH1 410: Physics Seminar-1st Semester
Required of all Sophomores majoring in physics. One course credit upon satisfactory completion of three seminars (PH 410). Topical issues in physics.

PH2 410: Physics Seminar-2nd Semester
Continuation of Physics Seminar. Three semesters required for one course credit. Prerequisite: PH1 410.

PH3 410: Physics Seminar-3rd Semester
Continuation of Physics Seminar. Three semesters required for on course credit. Prerequisites: PH1 410 and PH2 410.

PH4 410: Physics Seminar-4th Semester

PH 498: Comprehensive Examinations

PH 499: Independent Research--Thesis
Outstanding students majoring in physics normally are invited to engage in active research and to prepare a thesis in lieu of a Senior comprehensive exam.