Anne J. Cox

Professor of Physics

2021 Recipient of the American Association of Physics Teachers’ David Halliday and Robert Resnick Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Physics Teaching

Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science (MPC) 211


University of Virginia, Ph.D.

Anne J. Cox graduated from a small liberal arts college (Rhodes College, Memphis, TN) before moving to a large research university, the University of Virginia for her Ph.D. work in experimental cluster science. She started teaching at Eckerd in 1995 and has, together with undergraduate students, continued work on atomic cluster studies, a field of physics that is intermediate between condensed matter and atomic/molecular physics. Her on-campus laboratory provides a hands-on, experimental research experience for both advanced and beginning physics students. She is also interested in how technology and collaborative work can enhance student learning in the classroom and is the co-author of Physlet Quantum Physics, a textbook that combines computer simulations with traditional text for use in upper-level physics courses. The time she spends away from the lab and classroom is happily spent playing (or better, yet: traveling) with her two young daughters.

Head shot of Dr. Anne Cox