How to File a Complaint with the College

In a report, do your best to document all relevant information by stating the date, time, place, event, and any witnesses to the incident. Save any evidence such as e-mail messages, text messages or any other electronic communication, and recorded voice messages. All reports will be investigated in a thorough and timely manner.

During the investigation and until resolution of the matter, certain restrictions may be issued as deemed appropriate, including, but not limited to, restrictions on contact between the reporting and the responding parties, exclusion from specified areas of campus, and removal or relocation from residential areas.

There is no time limit on reporting violations.  However, the longer someone waits to report an offense, the harder it may become for College officials to obtain information and witness statements and to make determinations regarding alleged violations.

Though anonymous complaints are permitted, doing so may limit the College’s ability to investigate and respond to a complaint. Those who are aware of misconduct are encouraged to report it as quickly as possible.


Students may file a complaint with the College by reporting the incident to:

Faculty and Staff

Designated staff members will provide assistance in filing a complaint and explaining the College’s follow-up process.

For more information, visit the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence website.

Schedule Appointment

If you’d like to meet with the College’s Title IX Coordinator, please schedule an appointment.

Anonymous Reports

Please note that the College can address submissions most completely when we are able to communicate with people reporting. The benefits of direct reporting include a greater ability for Eckerd to understand the situation, provide resources, support, and options to those reporting, and to address the behavior fully and accurately.

We do accept anonymous reports. Those wishing to report anonymously may submit this form without identifying information. If you choose to submit a report anonymously, please note that Eckerd will strive to fully respond, but anonymous reporting significantly limits our ability to do so.