FI 200: Elements of Film
Introduces the basic concepts of analysis of film as an art form as well as the field of film studies through examples from different national cinemas, genres, and directors.

FI 204A: The Horror Film
This course will explore the horror film, including its mythological and literary roots. We will view a wide range of films analyzing specific sub-genres of horror as well as cultural, historical, and psychological angles.

FI 206H: Film Genres
Focus on a traditional genre (such as comedy or the Western) in order to investigate how classification is understood in both film production and reception. May be repeated for credit, with different genres. Prerequisite: FI 200.

FI 224G: International Cinema
Study the history and diversity of world cinema as a reflection of the modern world, including the influence of geopolitical events on film style and cinema?s role throughout history as a force for social change.

FI 230H: Film and Identity
This course engages with issues of gender, race, and sexuality as they apply to their representation in film. Focus on larger societal implications and the craft of writing about moving images.

FI 306H: Theories of Film
Critical analysis of key texts and relevant films, both historical and contemporary. Topics include the relevance of genre and nationality, film history, film spectatorship, psychoanalysis, feminist film theory, and cognitive film theory. Prerequisite: CM 302A.

FI 308H: Hitchcock: Master of Suspense
This course examines the career and legacy of director Alfred Hitchcock, the "Master of Suspense," as an auteur, film theorist, and provocateur who understood film as the premiere modern medium to terrify audiences.

FI 310H: Major Directors
Focus on the films of a major director in order to consider the role of the individual filmmaker within a wider artistic, social, and ideological context. May be repeated for credit with different topics.

FI 331H: Special topics

FI 498: Methods and Issues in Film Studies
This seminar prepares majors to do original academic research and, in some cases, creative work for their senior projects. Prerequisites: FI 200, FI 224G or AM 310H, and FI 306H.

FI 499: Senior Project