The Film Studies minor draws upon the wide variety of film-related activities and resources available at Eckerd College, provides a strong complement to several major fields of study in the humanities and the arts, and offers an excellent opportunity for majors in the natural and social sciences to complement their focus with studies and applications that emphasize creativity, interpretation, and humanistic studies. It requires six courses, including two core courses (Elements of Film and Introduction to Filmmaking), one additional course in the area of film analysis and another in film production, and two electives. The minor requirements are as follows:

Core courses (2):

  • Introductory course: FI 200 Elements of Film
  • Introductory film production course: FI 210A Intro to Filmmaking
  • One (1) additional film analysis course: a film history course, film genre, auteur, topics in critical studies course, or an interdisciplinary film course (see full listing of applicable courses in the major requirements above)
  • One (1) additional film production course: an intermediate film production course or topics in film production course (see full listing of courses in major requirements above)
  • Two (2) electives: film history, production, genre, auteur, topics or interdisciplinary film courses not taken to satisfy the requirements above