The hands-on nature of the Human Development major requires an internship at a site of interest to the student. Our comprehensive internship program is an applied way to gain in-depth real world experience before graduation. The St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay area and beyond provides a large variety of internship opportunities working directly with people.

This internship facilitates structured, off campus, learning-work experiences for students in a wide range of local organizations. The internship allows students to integrate theory and knowledge gained in the classroom with real world applications that develop professional skills, increase confidence, and heighten career awareness. In this way, students are able to experience a career field while under supervision and determine whether it is a field they would like to pursue after graduation.

HD 401: Internship in Human Development is taken in either the fall semester or spring semester of the senior year. It is a regular credit-bearing course, meaning that the class meets weekly and there are specific academic requirements in addition to the 150 hours of experience in the student’s chosen agency. By the beginning of the junior year the student, in conjunction with the mentor and internship professor, should begin to think about an appropriate internship experience. Practical aspects of interning must be planned, such as transportation and course load for that semester. Additionally, the student must attend an informational meeting that outlines the internship course as well as notify the internship professor in which semester she/he desires to be enrolled. The current policy limits the number of students in the class per semester, so it is a matter of planning ahead and getting one’s name on the list well in advance of the forthcoming semester.

Once you have determined which semester you will be taking the course, you should begin to explore possible organizations to intern at. You will discuss this with the internship professor at the informational meeting and are also strongly encouraged to meet with them one-on-one to brainstorm different locations (we can let you know where students have gone in the past, who has contacted us looking for interns, etc.). One year before you intend to take HD 401 you will submit a Letter of Intent to the internship professor, which lets them know the semester you plan to take HD 401 and also lists potential internship sites that you have been researching. One semester before you intend to take HD 401 you will submit an Agency Agreement to the internship professor, which confirms that you have spoken with an agency and they have agreed to accept you as an intern.

The internship experience is an integral part of the Human Development major—it is a demanding and rewarding learning experience launching you into the career world and we look forward to accompanying you on this journey! If you have any questions, please contact the internship professor, Dr. Dickinson, at

  1. Letter of Intent
    Fall internship deadline: Previous October 15
    Spring internship deadline: Previous March 15
  2. Agency Agreement
    Fall internship deadline: Previous March 15
    Spring internship deadline: Previous October 15

Recent internships

  • Child Life Intern, Johns Hopkins/All Children’s Hospital
  • City of Sarasota – Grant writer for Resource Council
  • Community Action Stops Abuse Events Coordinator
  • Community Partners for Youth – Grant writer
  • Department of Children & Families Counselor, Abuse Investigator
  • Don Cesar Hotel – Human resource work, interviewer
  • Family Resource Center – Counselor, Intake specialist
  • Juvenile Welfare Board Best Initiative- Grant Writer, Group Facilitator, Workshop developer
  • Neonatal Unit – Researcher, shadower
  • Perkins Elementary School – Grant writer, Curriculum developer, tutor, group facilitator
  • Pinellas Association for Retarded Children (PARC) – teacher, case manager
  • Public Defender’s Office Abuse Investigator
  • St. Petersburg Challenge School –Mentor, tutor in dropout prevention school
  • St. Petersburg Free Clinic – Needs assessor, counselor
  • Turning Point – Intake specialist, group facilitator
  • Turning Point of Tampa Group Counselor
  • We Rock the Spectrum Curriculum Intern
  • Westminster Shores retirement home Intake Counselor
  • Women’s Resource Center
  • Women’s Resource Center – group facilitator, curriculum developer
  • Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) – Group facilitator, counselor