Students majoring in human development are prepared for graduate programs in counseling, counseling psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy, education, or related allied therapy fields and for entry level positions in human services. By developing a strong foundation of self-knowledge and understanding of others across the lifespan, students learn how to help people reach their fullest potential whether in business, government, education, private practice, or human service agency settings.

Human Development graduates are expected to possess:

  • knowledge of the key theories of human development and counseling and a multicultural perspective on human growth and functioning
  • skills in interpersonal and oral communication
  • skill in bibliographic research methods and writing employed by those in the helping professions and effective use of library and computer-based resources
  • an understanding and application of ethical principles and personal responsibility in the helping professions
These competencies are demonstrated through satisfactory completion of the required courses and Senior comprehensive paper.

Core courses in the major include the following which are listed in the order in which they should be taken. All courses require a grade of C- or better to qualify for graduation in the major. Students must pass HD327 with a grade of C- or better to enroll in Human Development comps.

  • Introduction to Human Development
  • Statistical Methods
  • Counseling Strategies: Theory and Practice
  • Group Dynamics
  • Cultural Diversity: Theory and Practice
  • Research Methods in Human Development
  • Ethical Issues in Human Development
  • Senior Seminar in Human Development
  • Internship in Human Development

In addition to these core courses, the extensive 150-hour senior internship, HD comps (Winter Term of senior year) and a minimum of four (4) other courses are required in the emphasis area of the student's choice. Students may choose a developmental, global, clinical, or creative arts emphasis. In special cases the student in conjunction with a Mentor may design an alternative area.

To minor in human development, a student must complete HD 101S Introduction to Human Development and four additional courses in Human Development. Courses used for the minor require a grade of C- or better.