The IA major’s courses may be selected from the following arts disciplines:

IA 200: Interdisciplinary Arts
Introduction to traditional means (e.g. set design, musical production, text and illustration) and non-traditional means (e.g. performance art, video, multi-media installation, web-based digital arts) by which arts can be integrated or linked to other disciplines. Prerequisite: at least one entry level course from an Eckerd arts discipline.

IA 212A: Experiencing the Arts
This course immerses students into the visual and performing arts in the local arts community. Weekly field trips, reflective papers, and a minimum of 20 RSL hours required. Course fee: $100.

IA 240A: Sound Design
Philosophical and physical dimensions of sound, sound synthesis and manipulation, plus means of organizing sound. Reading and listening, creation of soundscapes, sound sculptures, film scenes and multi-media works.

IA 301: The Documentary
Students will review the history and theory of documentary film, and will employ contemporary documentary philosophy and techniques in producing their own videos. Prerequisite: IA 210.

IA 302: Narrative Filmmaking
An introduction to the steps in making a narrative film from pre- to post-production, including also some historical reference and film analysis. Students will work in small groups to make a short narrative video.

IA 499: Senior Project