CW 100A: Introduction to Creative Writing
Work in three genres: poetry, fiction and drama. Learn basic elements and techniques by reading established writers and writing in a workshop setting.

CW 200A: Writing Workshop: Poetry
An introduction to prosody and the craft of poetry in traditional forms. Extensive work in meter and scansion. Write in various forms, e.g., the sonnet, villanelle, ballad, sestina, rondeau, blank verse and others.

CW 201A: Writing Workshop: The Short Story
An introduction to writing the realistic short story. Acquaints the student with basic principles of craft. Emphasis on rewriting, the development of works through several phases of composition.

CW 204A: Creative Nonfiction
This workshop course examines the popular genre of creative nonfiction: memoir, literary journalism, travel writing, and film and book reviewing. Students will analyze texts of notable nonfiction writers and develop their own portfolios of nonfiction.

CW 220A: Journalism
Study and practice the print news story. Explore other forms of news writing and electronic media. Identify and discuss the social, legal, and ethical issues facing the press.

CW1 300A: Internship with the Current - 1st Semester
A practicum with the student newspaper, The Current, including experience with computer software applications for layout and design. Students work on all issues over two semesters and receive one course credit.

CW2 300A: Internship with the Current - 2nd Semester
A practicum with the student newspaper, The Current, including experience with computer software applications for layout and design. Students work on all issues over two semesters and receive one course credit. Prerequisite: CW1 300A.

CW 301: Writing Workshop: The Memoir as Story
Writing memoir and the personal essay, drawing on the best techniques of both storytelling and poetry to find and convey the truth of a particular moment. Prerequisite: CW 100A or a 200 level workshop.

CW 303: Writing Workshop: Intermediate Fiction
Continued emphasis on the craft of revision, development of an individual voice, critical and analytical writing and speaking. Prerequisite: CW 201A.

CW 306: Writing Workshop: Intermediate Poetry
Read major figures in contemporary poetry and work toward an understanding of one's self as a writer and of the world and words to create mature works that communicate with an audience. Prerequisite: CW 200A.

CW 310A: Craft of Writing
Students will review grammar, poetic and narrative rhetoric and analyze literary texture. Prerequisite: CW200A Writing Workshop: Poetry, CW201A Writing Workshop: Short Fiction, any composition course, or junior standing.

CW 320: Advanced Journalism
Every journalist begins as a beat reporter. Students will develop the necessary skills toward covering beats in crime, politics, arts, lifestyle, sports, and culture, and will acquaint themselves with the ideas of notable journalists. Prerequisite is CW 220A, or permission from the instructor for those with experience in college level journalism.

CW 334A: Writing Workshop: One-Act Play
Writing one-act plays, reading short plays, including traditional and experimental forms. Emphasis on rewriting, the development of works through several phases of composition.

CW 336A: Writing Wkshop: Screenwriting
Students write one full-length feature film script (approximately 90-120 pages in length). View movies and parts of movies as examples of the craft of screenwriting in and out of class. The film medium is perhaps the primary narrative art form of our time, entertaining but often not merely entertainment. Concentrate on serious screenwriting, attempt to tell complex and intellectually challenging stories by means of a visual rhetoric.

CW 340: Avant-garde Poetry
Avant-garde poetry will explore the possibilities of poetry on and off the printed page. We will create work in response to surrealism, visual and concrete poetry, illustrated poetry, sound poetry and haptic poetry. Prerequisite: CW 200A, IA 200, or AR 101A.

CW 348A: Writing Workshop: Feature Writing
Writing newspaper and magazine articles for publication. Read and analyze feature articles. Analyze and profile one daily newspaper and one national magazine. Write query letters for newspaper and magazine markets.

CW 361A: Writing Workshop: Travel Writing
Read travel writing in daily newspapers and travel magazines Travel to local places of interest and exotic locales. Explore the travel industry, and learn marketing, research, and observation.

CW 401: Publishing and the Writing Career
Analyze the editorial preferences of journals and write poems, stories, essays, reviews, and interviews. Find information about publishing and learn how to use it. Revise and submit work to journals.

CW 404: Web Journalism
Directed Study course. Learn skills for writing for the Web. Students will hone newsgathering, interviewing, and writing skills for Web exclusives to the online version of the student newspaper. Pre-requisite: CW 220A.

CW 407: Writing Workshop: Lyric Essay-Hybrid of Poetry and Prose
The Lyric Essay straddles poetry and prose: it's a lyric, and it's an essay. A fascinating hybrid of creative nonfiction, it unfolds through images, wedding facts and truth with poetic distillation. Prerequisite: one writing workshop.

CW 433: Writing Workshop: Advanced Fiction
Read and discuss published fiction and commentary on writing. Discuss original student works. Students may submit short stories or novellas. Prerequisite: CW 201A.

CW 435: Writing Workshop: Advanced Poetry
Read and discuss books of poetry by contemporary poets, working toward an understanding of the conventions of contemporary poetry. Focus on the writing process. Suggestions for submitting poetry to journals. Prerequisite: CW 306.

CW 436: Writing Workshop: Screenwriting
Write one full-length feature film script (120 pages). View and discuss classic movies. Read screenwriting texts. Small group work outside of class. Prerequisites: CW 201A or CW 303.

CW 450A: Writing Workshop: The Personal Essay
A workshop in writing the literary essay. Discuss non-fiction prose by writers such as Harry Crews, Eudora Welty, and Joan Didion. Study rhetoric and structure and bring imagination to bear on format, techniques, and style.

CW 498: Creative Writing Capstone
Students will write and revise work in their chosen genre and submit finished pieces for publication.

CW 499: Senior Thesis