MK 300S: Principles of Marketing
This course provides an introduction to the principles, concepts, and tactics of marketing. Students will explore the various marketing strategy decisions related to product development and management, pricing, placement and logistics, and promotion. A contemporary perspective of marketing is emphasized and topics related to internet marketing, relationship marketing, nonprofit marketing, ethics, and sustainability are discussed.

MK 305S: Digital Marketing

MK 321: Consumer Behavior/Consumerism
Contributions of the behavioral disciplines (psychology, sociology, anthropology) to understanding the consumer decision-making process. The impact and value issues of the consumer movement. Prerequisite: MK 300S

MK 373: Marketing Communications
Processes and functions of promotion, strategies incorporating creative use of advertising, publicity, merchandising, direct selling, and sales promotion. Prerequisite: MK 300S.

MK 374: Market Research
Collection and measurement of data on market identification, sales forecasting and marketing strategy development, market research, cost/revenue breakdowns, competitive analysis, others. Prerequisites: MK 300S and statistics.

MK 375S: Digital Marketing
Students will use computer simulation to learn digital marketing strategies such as online advertising, search engine optimization, web analytics, etc. Students will develop a social media campaign for an organization of their choice.

MK 491: Internship
Students majoring in Marketing will complete the Marketing Internship as an Independent Study course sponsored, supervised and approved by a MK/IB faculty. Periodic meetings with the sponsoring professor is required. Prerequisite: MK 300S and Junior or Senior standing.

MK 498: Marketing Strategies
This course is the Major comps and focuses on decision-making and marketing logic in the analysis of marketing problems. The course includes the development of a formal marketing plan addressing contemporary marketing topics, such as sustainability marketing, digital marketing, and relationship marketing. Prerequisite: MK 300S and Senior standing.