Michael C. Burch

Associate Professor of Political Science

BES 122


Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder

Professor Michael Burch received his Ph.D. and M.A. in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He also has the M.A. in Security Policy Studies from George Washington University. Professor Burch specializes in comparative and International politics with an emphasis on civil wars, conflict, war, crime and corruption, as well as the performance of NGOs. He has conducted research on these and related topics in Uganda, Peru, Middle East and North Africa and more. Professor Burch teaches in the areas of African Politics, Middle East politics, International Political Economy, and Research Methodology. A global traveler, Professor Burch has studied in many countries in Africa, Asia, Western and Eastern Europe and Eurasia, with a dream to someday visit every country of the world.

Michael Burch head shot