SP 101: Elementary Spanish I
Fundamentals of Spanish language with a focus on developing skills in speaking and listening comprehension. Introduction to basic grammatical structures and basic vocabulary.

SP 102: Elementary Spanish II
Continuation of SP 101. Completion of SP 102 fulfills the one year language requirement. Prerequisite: SP 101 or equivalent.

SP 201: Intermediate Spanish I
Comprehensive review and in-depth review of grammar. Emphasis on interaction and communication, allowing students to express, interpret, and negotiate meaning in context. Practice in all four skills, including writing and fiction reading. Prerequisite: SP 102.

SP 202: Intermediate Spanish II
Continuation of SP 201. Prerequisite: SP 201.

SP 204: Spanish: Reading the Classics
Study great works of Spanish and Latin American literature (abridged versions) in the historical and literary context in which they were created. Explore their universal appeal through their most recent film reinterpretations. Prerequisite: SP 202.

SP 205: Spanish: Oral Expression
Develop proficiency in speaking and listening comprehension. Extensive acquisition of new, theme-based vocabulary, and exposure to authentic language through in-class films, followed by post-viewing activities. In class oral presentations based on cultural information. Prerequisite: SP 202.

SP 207: Spanish: Written Expression
Development of writing skills. Review of selected grammar topics such as relative pronouns, indicative and subjunctive tenses, and narrating in the past. Vocabulary acquisition and proper use of dictionary. Intensive writing. Prerequisite: SP 202.

SP 208: Spanish Fiction: Television, Film, and Literature
Develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through Spanish literary works and their film versions as well as contemporary original films and multiple-episode TV series. Acquisition of vocabulary and cultural information. Prerequisites: SP202.

SP 300H: Hispanic Short Fiction
Introductory survey of the short fiction of both Spain and Latin America during the 19th and 20th centuries. Among the themes to be studied are social and political injustice, women's rights, alienation, violence, humor and love. Prerequisite: SP 204 or SP 207.

SP 301H: History and Culture of the Hispanic World
History and culture of Spain and Latin America and their interaction. Consider the birth of Spain as a nation, the discovery and conquest of Latin America, the transition from autocracy to democracy in Latin America. Prerequisite: SP 207.

SP 302H: Advanced Spanish Conversation
Work towards Spanish fluency through oral practice, using meaningful situations through discussion of selected texts, films, and everyday topics. Emphasizes accurate use of grammatical structures and awareness of style and usage, including the formal and informal (colloquial) modes of interaction.. Prerequisite: SP 205 or permission of instructor.

SP 303H: The Argentine Short Story
This course will explore, discuss, and analyze the Argentine short story during the last century and how these works respond to questions of power, identity, space, and gender. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisite SP204 or SP207.

SP 304H: Spain's Contemporary Culture in Film
Study of the main cultural, historical and socio-political issues in contemporary Spain with special focus on the textual analysis of films as cultural products. Prerequisites: any course above SP 202 or permission of instructor.

SP 308H: Film and Literature: Spanish Civil War
Historical overview of the Spanish Civil War. In-depth study of texts and films that address the war in a national and international context. Multiple perspectives through works by authors from Spain, England and Italy. Prerequisite: SP 207 or any 300 level Spanish course.

SP 309H: Film and Literature: The Latinx Experience
This course explores the plurality of identities among the Latinx communities in the US and how they portray themselves through selected films and narrative works of fiction and non-fiction. Prerequisite: SP207 or any 300 level Spanish course

SP 310H: Literature, Film and Art: Lorca, Bunuel, Dali
Contribution of these artists to a cultural renaissance in 20th century Spain. In-depth analysis of selected plays, poems, films and paintings. Visits to the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. Prerequisite: SP 207 or any 300 level Spanish course.

SP 312H: Latin American Culture in Film
In-depth analysis of Latin American films by contemporary directors like Bemberg, Cuaron, Diegues, Lombardi and Martel covering all major regions. Influence of class, religion, history, economics, politics and national identities in contemporary Latin America. Prerequisite: SP 207 or any 300 level Spanish course.

SP 320H: Applied Spanish: Translation
Advanced course in translation. Practical application in translating technical and literary texts. Students will translate written material mostly from Spanish to English, but will also practice translation from English to Spanish. Prerequisite: SP 207 or any 300 level Spanish course.

SP 401: Spanish Literature: Modern Novel
Major novels from late 19th century to the 1960's by eminent Spanish writers such as Galdos, Baroja, Unamuno, Cela, Delibes and Laforet.

SP 402H: Latin Am Lit: Page to Screen
Taught in Spanish, this course is an advanced study of Latin American literary works and their adaptation to cinema. Sophisticated exploration, analysis, and research of works, authors, and directors. Prerequite: Any 300-level Spanish course or instructor’s permission.

SP 403: Spanish Literature: Modern Drama
In-depth study of major Spanish playwrights including Buero Vallejo, Olmo, Muniz, and Fernan-Gomez. Focus on plays as socio-historical documents.

SP 406: Spanish Contemporary Narrative
Major contemporary narrative from the 1980's by writers such as Antonio Munoz Molina, Arturo Perez Reverte, Rosa Montero, Juan Jose Millas, Elvira Lindo, Lorenzo Silva, and Almudena Grandes.

SP 407: Hispanic Women Writers
In-depth study of novels, short stories and films by contemporary Spanish and Latin American women writers and filmmakers including Allende, Montero, Mastretta, Bemberg, Novaro, and Bollain. Introduction to feminist and reader-response literary criticism. Prerequisite: Any 300 level Spanish course or instructor permission.

SP 408: Latin American Literature: Reinventing Fiction
Understanding the social messages and aesthetic literary innovations, such as magical realism, in key works of 20th century Latin America literature by authors such as Vargas Llosa, Garcia Marquez and Fuentes. Prerequisite: Any 300 level course.

SP 409: Latin America: Human Rights Literature
Overview of Latin American literary representations of human rights issues, with emphasis on traditionally repressed voices, and issues of conscience arising from cultural dirrerences. Prerequisite: Any 300 level Spanish course.

SP 412: Cuban Literature
A panoramic view of Cuban litarature in Spanish from the colonial period to the present. Study how a sugar cane economy and slavery impact Cuban society through short fiction, novels, poetry, theater, essay, and film.

SP 414H: 20th Century Mexican Lit
Interdisciplinary study and discussion of major 20th Century Mexican literary production and artistic trends. Exploration of works by both renowned and lesser-known authors. Prerequisite: any 300-level Spanish course.

SP 498: Comprehensive Examination
Offered during the Spring for seniors having fulfilled or in the process of finalizing completion of all Spanish requirements in this semester. Consists of Standardized Proficiency Exam and a creative, individualized, content-based language product that can be shared with the community at large.

SP 499: Senior Thesis