Axel Presas

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Forrer 109


  • Ph.D., Spanish, Minor in Portuguese, University of Wisconsin Madison
  • M. A., Spanish, University of South Florida
  • B. A., Philosophy, University of South Florida

Courses taught

  • Elementary Spanish
  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Cuban Literature


My research interests include Afro Latinx cultures, literatures, and visual arts of the southern cone; gender and Afro Latin/x culture; Afro Latinx music; Afro Caribbean cultures and literatures; Latin American poetry of 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries; Afro Latin/x religions; cultural history of Afro Cuban religions; Afro Cuban religions in the U.S.; Afro Cuban culture and literatures; African religions in Africa/philosophy of African religions; and philosophy of language, aesthetics, and ethics.

Selected publications

  • Poetry Book: Las veces que Azrael no se detuvo. Editorial Valparaíso. Granada. España. 2018.
  • Translation: Antología poética traducida de Herman Melville. Transl. by Axel Presas. Editorial Poéticas. España. 2020.