Why Ancient Studies at Eckerd?

There are clear benefits of learning Latin. And others have written about what you can do with a major in Ancient Studies.

We can tell you that a major in Ancient Studies teaches a wide range of critical thinking skills applicable for today’s fast-paced marketplace. Graduates are quick thinkers, excellent writers, and skilled at detailed research. The major is particularly focused on developing the following skill sets:

  • Gathering information and research
  • Analyzing of sources of information and reliability
  • Reading and comprehending difficult and unfamiliar material
  • Defining problems clearly
  • Organizing plans for problem solving
  • Summarizing results of detailed analyses in clear, comprehensible, and succinct formats
  • Presenting information orally for large and small groups
  • Using software to manage and present data
  • Thinking and working independently
  • Understanding cultural, ethical, and historical differences
  • Identifying sources of cultural misunderstanding
  • Understanding and appreciating human history, culture, and arts
  • Learning new languages, ideas, and systems with care and precision

Graduate and Professional Schools

Interested in Law School? Study Classics and Philosophy!

Our laws and the practice of jurisprudence in the U.S. owes a great debt to the ancient Greeks and Romans. By studying the ancient world, you’ll not only come to know the Latin legal terminology still in use today, but you’ll understand how systems of codified law developed and how civil and criminal prosecutions have taken shape over time. From the earliest theory of natural rights to contemporary courtroom tactics, the legal profession owes much Demosthenes, Aeschines, and Cicero. Studying the ancient world is an ideal preparation for the practice of law and for professions in government.

For more information on applying to law school after Eckerd, contact Pre-Law Advisor, Dr. Robert Wigton.

Medical School with an Ancient Studies Degree? Really?

Did you know that you can go to medical school with a major in one of the humanities? In 2017-2018, students who had majored in one of the humanities had a 50% acceptance rate into medical school (compared with an acceptance rate of 40.9% for students who had majored in one of the biological sciences)? Check out the data from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) for yourself.

The truth is, as long as you can perform well in your required science and math courses and can score highly on the MCAT, you can major in anything! In fact, a major in Ancient Studies may set you apart from the crowd and demonstrate that you are a person of diverse talents and unique interests! For more information, see the pre-Health Professions Advisor, Dr. Steve Denison.

Graduate School in Classics/Ancient Studies

You’ll have a lot of choices. Start here with a list of institutions offering graduate degrees in Classics in North America.