Anna Guengerich

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Seibert Humanities 100 C


  • Ph.D., Anthropology (Archaeology), University of Chicago
  • M.A., Anthropology, University of Chicago
  • B.A., Anthropology, University of Chicago

Courses taught

  • Introduction to Anthropology
  • Introduction to Latin American Area Studies
  • Principles of Archaeology
  • Archaeology of the Environment
  • Anthropological Research Methods

Research interests

Professor Guengerich is an archaeologist whose research explores how human beings relate to the places and spaces around them, including the architecture that they build and the natural environments that they modify, use, develop, and help create. She directs ongoing research in eastern highland Peru, in the basin of the Amazon River, which explores how peoples’ relationship to cloud forest environments changed over time, particularly following conquest by the Inka Empire in 1450AD. Professor Guengerich also has studied monumental public sculpture in the Tiwanaku civilization (500-1000CE) and differences in house architecture and the nature of private space across history, and she is also interested in the role of comics, graphic novels, and other media in archaeology, and in the role that archaeology can play in sustainable tourism and community development.


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  • 2020 – Anna Guengerich and John W. Janusek.  “The Suñawa Monolith and a genre of extended-arm sculptures at Tiwanaku.”  Ñawpa Pacha
  • 2020Anna Guengerich and Stephen Berquist.  “Earthen terrace technologies and environmental adaptation in the montane forests of Pre-Columbian Northeastern Peru.”  Journal of Field Archaeology 45(3):153-169.
  • 2018“The view from the top: the materiality of mountainscapes and the re-creation of society in the Andean Late Intermediate Period.”   In J. Jennings and E. Swenson (eds.), Powerful Places of the Ancient Andes.  University of New Mexico Press.
  • 2017  – “Domestic architecture and the materiality of public-making in pre-Columbian Eastern Peru.”  Journal of Social Archaeology 17(3):263-284.
  • 2017Anna Guengerich and Warren Church.  ¿Qué fue Chachapoyas? Aproximaciones interdisciplinarias en el estudio de los Andes Nororientales, Boletín de Arqueología, Tomo XXIII.  Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima.
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