eBill and Online Payments

In order to provide quick, convenient service and eliminate mailing delays, the College’s electronic billing system will be the official means of generating tuition bills to students.

Students and additional Authorized users will receive a monthly email notification when a new billing is available.

Students and authorized users may access a student’s account through e-Bill, the Eckerd College online payment, billing, and account information service.

e-Bill is a web-based system for students, parents, and school administrators to access the following billing-related information; this site is available 24/7.

  • Billing information
  • Payments
  • Payment profiles
  • Personal profiles
  • Authorizations

To use e-Bill you will need your Eckerd College ID# and pin #, you may access the secure website at e-Bill. Authorization for parents to access e-Bill can be issued by the student; this can be done by clicking the “Authorized Users” tab which is located on the top of the form in your personal account. A profile must be completed for each authorized user. A user profile can be changed or deleted by the student at anytime.

The service allows the user to view the student account in detail or summary, make a credit card or ACH payment online, and view payment history. e-Bill stores each monthly statement for the duration of your enrollment at Eckerd College.

It is important for students who rely on parents or other person(s) to pay their bill to complete the “Authorized Users” form for the individual(s). It is the student’s responsibility to manage and satisfy their student account through the e-Bill site.

Failure to receive an official College eBill and/or e-notification does not relieve any student of financial responsibility for payment by the due dates.

Monthly Payment Plan

Eckerd College understands that sometimes you need help managing your tuition bill, this is why we offer the 10-month payment plan administered by CASHNet. The payment plan option will allow you to make 10 monthly installments to cover the annual cost with no interest. You cannot use payment plan option to enroll for a semester cost only, the plan is designed to cover annual cost. There is a $55 application fee to enroll in the payment plan, the enrollment period begins July 10 and the deadline to enroll is the end of drop/add period in September.

Student Login

To enroll in the payment plan with CASHNet, students should access the link through the button below.

CASHNet for Students

Authorized User Login

Students who rely on parents or third party to manage their payment plan must issue access to the individuals. This access is separate from the student ebill access with Touchnet PayPath. Once access is granted by the student to CASHNet, the authorized users will receive an email confirmation and access to the enrollment page:

CASHNet for Authorized Users

Please remember to use annual cost to determine your budget amount for the payment plan, using a semester amount will cause an outstanding balance for the fall semester. To help you calculate how much to budget for the payment plan, school tuition and fees information can be found here Bursar’s Tuition and Fees page.

If you need assistance to determine how much you should budget for with the payment plan or, other any other questions about the payment plan option please contact the Bursar’s office and someone will assist you