2018-19 Tuition & Fees

ResidentialĀ Program – Effective July 1, 2018

Explanation of Tuition Cost

The full-time tuition fees cover a maximum of ten (10) course registrations during the academic year. This includes one short term project, four courses each 14 week term and one extra course. Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors may take the extra course in either the fall or spring 14 week term. Freshmen may take the extra course in the spring 14 week term. Year long or two-year long courses may be taken without an overload charge. Registrations beyond these limits will result in additional tuition charges. Courses in which the student receives an “F” or “W” still counts as part of the ten (10) maximum course registrations.

It is the responsibility of the student to monitor his/her registrations to meet the required course load within the tuition cost. There will be no adjustments to tuition cost for courses in which students receive a “W” grade.

Students are considered part-time when they enroll for fewer than three (3) courses per semester.

TypeAnnual ($)Semester ($)
Full-time Tuition43,91421,957
Part-time per Course5,271


Housing (details on housing charges)Annual ($)Semester ($)
Standard Double6,5843,292
Standard Single8,4104,205
Standard Double Corner7,4303,715
Standard Triple Corner4,5002,250
Iota – Double8,0984,049
Iota – Single9,0544,527
Oberg – Double6,5843,292
Oberg – Single8,1224,061
Oberg – 2-person Suite8,1224,061
Oberg – 4-person Suite6,8703,435
Omega – Double8,4064,203
Omega – Single9,4384,719
Sigma – West Lodge (Triple Occupancy)4,8662,433
Altar Mar Double (Off Campus Apartment)5,7262,863
Altar Mar Single (Off Campus Apartment)9,0004,500


Meal Plans (details on meal plan options)Annual ($)Semester ($)
Tier A-250 Plan (Anytime Plan)
25 meals per week; $125 Flex
Tier A-210 Plan
210 meals per semester; $175 Flex
Tier B Plan
170 meals per semester; $225 Flex
Tier C Plan
130-Meals per Semester; $275 Flex


Student FeesAnnual ($)Semester ($)
Student Activity Fee366183
Technology Fee260130


Comprehensive Fees (details on comprehensive charges)Annual ($)Semester ($)
Room Traditional Double6,5843,292
Meal Plan Tier A-2506,0043,002
Student Activity Fee366183
Technology Fee260130
Total Comprehensive Fees57,12828,564

Miscellaneous Fees

TypeAmount ($)
Audit Fee580
Application Fee40
Enrollment Deposit400
Study Abroad Fee500
Graduation Fee200
Health Insurance Sickness Plan (*Subject to Change)1,464
Housing Agreement Cancellation Fee500
Individual Course5,271
Lab Fee (Scientific course – *Varies by Course)100-150
Late Cancellation Fee (Housing Contract)500
Late Check-out Fee (Housing) per day100
Late Payment Fee60
Lost Key100
Music Fee (1 hour per week per semester)1,386
Orientation Fee200
Overload Tuition5,271
Parking Fee (Residential Students)110
Parking Fee (Off-Campus Commuter Students)50
Pet Fee175
Replacement ID/Meal Card40
Returned Check Fee (NSF)55
Room Deposit50
Transcript Fee
(for special handling cost seeĀ Requesting a Transcript)

Estimated Expenses

These fees are not included in your bill but used to calculate your financial aid award.

TypeAmount ($)
Books and Supplies1,350
Personal Expenses1,600