Why Creative Writing at Eckerd?

A life-long apprenticeship in the literary arts

In the Creative Writing program, students inaugurate a life-long apprenticeship in the literary arts. Our students study classic and contemporary literature and learn the fundamentals of narrative, poetic, and dramatic craft.

Each year professors in creative writing offer workshops in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and journalism to familiarize students with the craft of creative writing. Professors then guide students as they produce and revise their own poems, stories, essays, and articles.

The Writer’s Workshop at Eckerd College offers a unique blend of hands on studio style workshops, where student writing is the center of study, and encourages students, through Literature courses, to read, analyze and engage with a broad range of literary art.

Student Publications

  • The Current
    The official student newspaper of Eckerd College, Creative Writing and Journalism students also write for the campus newspaper, The Current.
  • The Eckerd Review
    The Eckerd Review supports the artistic and cultural life of Eckerd College and furthers the long-standing tradition of publishing an annual literary magazine that displays excellence in fiction, poetry, and visual art.


What makes The Writer’s Workshop at Eckerd College particularly unique is its emphasis on building a community among its students, one that fosters friendship, professional training, and mentoring aimed to prepare students for their time at Eckerd College as well as life after they they leave the academy.

Each semester The Writer’s Workshop holds student/faculty readings that provide students with the opportunity to showcase their work and gain experience at performing in front of an audience.

Also, each year, the workshop brings visiting writers who offer guest workshops for seniors in the creative writing capstone. Also seniors from the capstone course read at Epigraphy, our annual capstone reading.

Writers in Paradise

Located on the beautiful waterfront campus of Eckerd College, this writers’ conference features professional writers at the top of their form spending time with motivated and talented participants who seek an intimate, unhurried climate for learning…in paradise.