WG 201H: Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies
Issues involved in the social and historical construction of gender and gender roles from an interdisciplinary perspective. Human gender differences, male and female sexuality, relationship between gender, race and class.

WG 205H: Memories of Gender & Identity
Telling stories about ourselves is a way of shaping memory and reclaiming the past. This course examines stories people have told about their own gendered identities and pathways and contextualizes our own stories and identities.

WG 320H: Seminar: Feminisms & Gender Theories
This course examines the complex histories and methods of feminist and gender studies across the disciplines. Major topics will include varieties and waves of intercultural feminist thought, contemporary gender theory, and emergent intersectional trajectories.

WG 360H: Sex & Gender/ Ancient World
How did ancients construct sexual difference through religion and medicine? What sexual behaviors were normalized through ritual and law? How were moral, cosmological, medical, and philosophical articulations of "deviance" employed to maintain/challenge social power hierarchies?

WG 410: Research Seminar: Women & Gender
Senior Seminar designed to integrate the interdisciplinary work of the major. Students work in collaborative research groups to read and critique each other's work and produce a presentation that reflects interdisciplinary views on a women/gender issue. Focus on methodologies of the various disciplines and on research methods.

WG 498: Comprehensive Examination

WG 499: Senior Thesis