Women's and gender studies is an interdisciplinary major in human societies, both past and present. It is also an inquiry into women's material, cultural and economic production, their collective undertakings and self descriptions. The women's and gender studies major seeks to provide opportunities for:

  • acquiring breadth of learning and integrating knowledge across academic disciplines.
  • developing an understanding and respect for the integrity of self and others.
  • learning to communicate effectively.
  • developing the knowledge, abilities, appreciation and motivations that liberate men and women.
  • seriously encountering with the values dimensions of individual growth and social interaction.

Majors develop integrative skill competencies in bibliographic instruction, writing excellence, close reading of texts, creative problem-solving, small group communication, oral communication, and expressive awareness.

Students majoring in women's and gender studies must take a minimum of ten courses, including WG 201H, and then nine courses in three disciplines in consultation with their Mentors. Five of these courses must be at the 300 level or above. Majors must successfully pass a Senior comprehensive examination or, if invited by the faculty, write a Senior thesis.

For a minor in women's and gender studies, students take five courses including WG 201H. Three of the five courses must be at the 300 level or above.

Descriptions of the following courses in the major are found in the disciplinary listings:


    AM 307H Rebels with a Cause
    AM 308H Becoming Visible: Sex, Gender and American Culture


    AN 289S Gender: Cross-Cultural Perspective


    CN 208G Gender/Sexuality in Asian Literature
    CN 228G Chinese Martial Arts in Literature and Film
    CN 301H Hero/Anti-Hero in Chinese Literature
    CN 302H East Meets West: Chinese Cinema


    CL 203H Women and Gender in the Ancient World
    AS 301G Ancient Barbarians: Self and Other


    ES 345H Environmental Ethics and Justice


    FR 404 Themes in French Literature
    FR 406 French Theatre on Stage


    HI 206H Making History
    HI 210 European Women
    HI 321H Women in Modern America: The Hand that Cradles the Rock
    HI 324G Native American History
    HI 366H Inside Nazi Germany
    HI 307H Sex and Power: European Thought


    HD 203 The Adolescent Experience
    HD 204 Socialization: A Study of Gender
    HD 209 Family Systems
    HD 214S Human Trafficking
    HD 216G Global Children's Issues
    HD 328 Crosscultural Communication and Counseling


    LI 216H Literature, Justice, and Law
    LI 244G Postcolonial Literature


    CM 221A Media and Society
    CM 306 Gender, Sexuality, and Media
    CM 316 Communicating Masculinity


    PL 243E Environmental Ethics
    PL 244H Social and Political Philosophy
    PL 246H Philosophy and Film
    PL 312H American Philosophy
    PL 314H Philosophy of Love and Death


    PO 103G Introduction to International Relations
    PO 243S Human Rights and International Law
    PO 315 Theories of War and Peace
    PO 316G Women and Politics Worldwide
    PO 342S Hunger, Plenty, and Justice


    PS 202 Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence


    RE 206H The Bible, Gender, and Sexual Politics
    RE 212H Reading for the Rapture
    RE 214H Cults and Religious Freedom
    RE 220H Bible and Culture: American Film
    RE 234H Regional Goddesses in Asia
    RE 291H Apost
    le Paul-Religion and Politics
    RE 323 Christianity, Canon and Controversy
    RE 242H Engaging the Bible
    RE 381E Ecotheology
    RE 440 Seminar: Bible, Theory, Method
    RE 480 Religious Studies Colloquium


    SO 210 Social Stratification
    SO 326 Family and Contemporary Society
    SO 335 Social Interaction


    SP 407 Hispanic Women Writers