Careers in Women’s and Gender Studies

Government and Social Service

A wide range of government positions are open to majors in women’s and gender studies.

  • Public Administration
  • Health and Human Services
  • Labor Department
  • Counseling

Legal Profession and Journalism

Women’s and gender studies is an excellent undergraduate preparation for law and journalism.

  • Lawyer
  • Lobbyist
  • News Correspondent
  • Writer

Nonprofit and Nongovernmental Organizations

Many career and volunteer positions are available in organizations focusing on women’s issues and women’s rights.

  • Public Relations
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Grant Writing
  • Peace Corps
  • AmeriCorps


Careers in teaching women’s and gender studies range from secondary to college and university teaching.

  • Field Research
  • University/College Administration
  • Human Resources
  • English as a Second Language

More Career Exploration Options

To take a more in depth dive into what you can do with the Women & Gender field of study, current students should check out our Career Center’s What Can I Do with This Major? page to explore common career areas students enter with this major, typical employers that hire students in this field, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities. Links to professional associations, occupation outlook data, and job postings are also available.