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Study the human story on our Florida campus

At Eckerd College, history isn’t a one-size-fits-all major. Close mentoring means our professors will inspire you with their passion and push you to find and hone your strengths. They’ll help you tailor your history degree to your goals — whether with an internship at the Smithsonian, a research trip to Morocco or a double-major in political science, international business, philosophy, religious studies, literature or one of several languages.

Our history degree prepares you to thrive in fields ranging from law, journalism and teaching to intelligence gathering.


Dive deep

At Eckerd College, we approach history from many directions. Our cutting-edge analytic courses allow you to view history through the lens of environmental studies or gender and race theory, for example.

Jump-start your first year

Apply for the Tluszcz First-Year Research Associateship to earn a $1,000 stipend and work with faculty on research projects. Mark Tluszcz ’89 graduated from Eckerd with a double major in History and International Business. An early investor in Skype, he was featured on the Forbes Midas List of Top Technology Investors and currently serves as the chairperson of Wix IPO.

Better learning, better outcomes

Because Eckerd is a small liberal arts college, your professors will get to know you individually. This pays off in better learning for you and success after graduation.

History major Randy Browne '06 standing in front of trees

In Their Own Words

“Excellent professors, close mentoring relationships, and plenty of opportunities for individual research. I really learned not just how to study history but how to become a historian at Eckerd.”
— Randy Browne’06
Assistant Professor, Xavier University History Department

Beyond the Classroom

Crazy about the Civil War? Fascinated by the Middle East? Explore any topic through one-on-one study with your professor. Recent independent studies include French Communism and Empire: the Riff War, 1921-1925 and Peasant Revolt and Indigenous Politics in Latin America.

Spend five weeks in Takamatsu, Japan studying the environmental threats facing this port city. Or head to Morocco for Modernization and Sustainability in the Atlas Mountains. Or choose from more than 300 other destinations offered every year.

Study Abroad Pics on Flickr

See the world and do good by joining Dr. Adam Guerin on spring break service in the Caribbean. Recent trips include Permaculture in Puerto Rico, Health and Children in Nicaragua and Sustainable Amazon: Ecuador.

Service Pics on Flickr

Popular classes

Empire and the Environment

This course explores the rise of the modern colonial economy with a focus on use (and abuse) of natural resources and the attitudes of invaders toward their surroundings.

Women and Gender in America

Explore feminist theory, as well as women’s movements, women’s health, birth control and images of women in literature and film. Track the changes in the American woman’s position over time.

Delacroix painting studied by our History majors


What can I do with a history degree?

  • Diplomat
  • Foreign service officer
  • Historical researcher
  • Intelligence analyst
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Librarian
  • Museum curator
  • Public Relations professional
  • Publisher
  • Teacher

Where our history majors go to grad school

  • Chicago State University
  • Colorado State University
  • Stetson University College of Law
  • Stony Brook University
  • SUNY Albany
  • University of Central Florida
  • University of South Florida
  • University of Tampa

Where our history majors go to work

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