It’s a Dog’s Life

Pets play a special part in our campus

Loyal. Loving. Always waiting by the door. If you have a pet, you know what we mean. There’s something about that adorable little face that instantly makes the darkest day a little brighter.

Every autumn since 1973, we’ve welcomed pets on our campus. We know that by bringing your dog or cat or ferret, you’re bringing a little bit of home with you. So bring it. Check out the Pet FAQs.

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Welcoming your best friend to campus

In keeping with the role they play in students’ lives, we treat resident pets to some pretty sweet perks:

Pet Commencement 2015

The low-down

  • You may bring your animal or small pet to campus starting on day one.
  • You must register your animal or small pet with the Pet Life Staff. The animal or small pet must meet the registration and inoculation requirements.
  • Small pets in cages are permitted in all halls. Animals defined as dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, chinchillas, and ferrets are only allowed in animal-friendly dorms.