Pet Life

Animals play a special role on our pet-friendly college campus

Loyal. Loving. Always waiting by the door. If you have a pet, you know what we mean. There’s something about that adorable little face that instantly makes the day a little brighter.

Every autumn since 1973, we’ve welcomed pets on our campus. We know that by bringing your dog or cat or ferret, you’re bringing a little bit of home with you. So bring it. Check out the Pet FAQs.

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Welcoming your best friend to campus

Nothing but the best for princess

In keeping with the role they play in students’ lives, we treat resident pets to some pretty sweet perks:

Bearded dragon crawling up student's neck

Danielle Becker ’16 with her pet bearded dragon

The low-down on college with your pet

  • You may bring your animal or small pet to campus as early as your second semester living on campus.
  • You must register your animal or small pet with the Pet Life Staff. The animal or small pet must meet the registration and inoculation requirements.
  • Small pets in cages are permitted in all halls. Animals defined as dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, chinchillas, and ferrets are only allowed in animal-friendly housing.