Traditional Complexes

Housing for first-years and upperclassmen

Located throughout campus and convenient to all students, traditional complexes are the most popular residence halls at Eckerd College.

Each complex has a community lounge, outdoor courtyard, vending machines, and a laundry facility. With a Resident Advisor in each house, traditional houses have multiple bathrooms on each floor and a study area upstairs.

The dimensions for the double rooms within the houses listed below are approximately 11′ x 16′, or 200 sq. ft. Single rooms are slightly smaller at 171 sq. ft., and corner-double rooms are slightly larger at 219 sq. ft.

There are several rooms in the Kappa and Zeta complexes that measure 196 sq. ft., and 153 sq ft. as well.

The closets in all rooms are about 36″W x 25″D x 72″‘H.

All campus housing is smoke-free.

Take a virtual tour of a traditional room in the Zeta complex.

Bathrooms in our traditional residence hall complexes have been recently renovated.

The Alpha Complex is our closest residence hall to the academic side of campus as well as the athletic fields. Surrounding Alpha is the main cafeteria, the Go Pavilion and student parking.

Alpha Complex houses and house themes:

House in AlphaHouse Themes
Prasch House
Mill House
Gershwin HouseFirst-Year Housing
Gandhi HouseFirst-Year Housing

The Beta complex is famous for having Eckerd’s Waterfront, Frenchman’s Creek and a running path in its backyard. Beta has easy access to student parking, is across the street from the main cafeteria, and is our closest complex to the athletic fields.

Beta Complex houses and house themes:

House in BetaHouse Themes
Benedict HouseAll-female
Dante House
  • First-Year Housing
  • Health & Wellness
Darwin HouseLarge Animal Housing
Kennedy House
  • First-Year Housing
  • Large Animal Housing

Across the street from the main cafeteria, the Delta complex features a newly renovated community lounge, is across the street from our newly installed dog park, and has convenient access to student parking.

Delta Complex houses and house themes:

House in DeltaHouse Themes
Berkeley HouseFirst-Year Housing
Copley HouseFirst-Year Housing
Ibsen House
  • All-female
  • Large Animal Housing
James HouseLarge Animal Housing

As the first residence hall on Dorm Drive, the Epsilon complex is located next to the Peter Armacost Library, is the closest complex to Triton’s Pub, and has easy access to student parking.

Epsilon Complex houses and house themes:

House in EpsilonHouse Themes
Douglas HouseLarge Animal Housing
Dalton House
Blakely House
Beecher HouseLarge Animal Housing

With a running path, a community fire pit, the main cafeteria, and our newly installed dog park just steps away, the Gamma complex has a great location as well as beautiful views of Boca Ciega Bay.

Gamma Complex houses and house themes:

House in GammaHouse Themes
Wilson HouseLarge Animal Housing
Freeman House
Knox House
  • First-year
  • Leadership Village
Newton House
  • All-female
  • First-Year Housing

Located next to the recreation field and the South Beach Recreation Area, the Kappa complex is our closest residence hall to the Galbraith Marine Science Laboratory as well as the visual and performing arts buildings. Kappa residents also have access to an outdoor grill, a community fire pit, and nearby student parking lots.

Kappa Complex houses and house themes:

House in KappaHouse Themes
Oberg HouseLarge Animal Housing
Morris House
Leighton House
Scott HouseLarge Animal Housing
Student studying outside of Kappa complex surrounded by plants, hammock and pool float

Wedged between the Omega and Nu complexes, the Zeta complex has beautiful views of  Zeta Pond and Boca Ciega Bay.

Zeta Complex houses and house themes:

House in ZetaHouse Themes
Henderson House
Hiaasen House
Hubbard HouseLarge Animal Housing
Kirby HouseLarge Animal Housing