Nu Complex

Upperclassmen Only (Juniors and Seniors)

Nu is one of the most popular living facilities on campus. Located next to the recreation field and south beach recreation area, this upperclassmen complex has sixteen suites; each suite houses eight students in four rooms; each room having its own bathroom. Nu is Gender Neutral and Animal-Friendly. In each suite, students share a common living area which includes a small living room, a half kitchen (full size fridge and sink, but no stove or oven), and a washer and dryer. With the outdoor kitchen that was installed in January of 2014, the courtyard is a great place for the residence of Nu to get together, listen to some music, play shuffleboard, throw some horseshoes or have a Bar-B-Q after studying.

All bedrooms in the Nu complex are double occupancy and approximately 13′ x 16′.