Themed Housing

There’s a place for everyone

(F) = All-Female House – These houses are for female students who wish to live in an all-female environment. Depending on freshman gender numbers, a house could become co-ed or switch to all male or all female prior to fall semester.

(FY) = First-Year Community – These houses are for first-year students only.

(LA) = Large Animal House – These houses are for those students who would like to have registered family pets living on campus with them, or who will not be bringing an animal, but would like to live in a Large Animal House. Please see the Pet Policy for more information.

(W) = Health and Wellness House – These houses are for those students interested in an environment that promotes health and wellness. This consists of smoke-free, alcohol-free and substance-free living, along with wellness programming.

(L) = Leadership Community – This house will provide residents exclusive meetings with leaders on and off campus, exciting off campus activities, and a host of programs for participants to bond over their shared interests of leadership. As a part of joining this community you will be required to participate in Eckerd’s Emerging Leaders Program (EEL) and remain in good standing with House related programs and activities.

(G) = Global Experience House – This house provides a living environment for students interested in having a global experience on campus and abroad. This can range from students who have returned from study abroad, who are from another country or culture, who speak or study a foreign language, who study an international discipline such as International Relations, Studies, or Business, or who are interested in fostering international understanding and forming intercultural friendships. Through participating in programmed activities in the complex, you will meet students interested in diverse customs and find support from globally like-minded peers.

(ST) = Special Themed House – These are houses in which the RA has proposed a special unofficial theme for their house! Examples include: STEM house, Artistic Crafts house, Women’s Empowerment House, etc. For the 2022-2023 year, Delta James will be the Artistic Crafts House, focused on artistic endeavors through Bob Ross paint nights, trips to the Dali Museum, and just general arts and crafts.

2022-2023 Housing Themes


  • Gandhi (FY)
  • Gershwin (FY)
  • Mill (FY)
  • Prasch


  • Berkeley (FY)
  • Copley (FY)
  • Ibsen (LP, F)
  • James (LP, ST)


  • Freeman (FY)
  • Knox (L)
  • Newton (FY, F)
  • Wilson (LP)


  • Leighton
  • Morris
  • Oberg (LP)
  • Scott (LP)


  • Benedict (F)
  • Dante (FY, W)
  • Darwin (LP)
  • Kennedy (FY, LP)


  • Beecher (FY,LP)
  • Blakely (FY)
  • Dalton (G)
  • Douglas (LP)


  • Byars (W)
  • Lukens
  • Wittner (LP)
  • Wrenn (FY, LP)


  • Henderson
  • Hiaasen
  • Hubbard (LP)
  • Kirby (LP)

Nu (LP)*

Omega (LP)*

Sigma (LP)

West Lodge (LP)

*Juniors or seniors only