Themed Housing

There’s a place for everyone

(F) = All-Female House – These houses are for female students who wish to live in an all-female environment. Depending on freshman gender numbers, a house could become co-ed or switch to all male or all female prior to fall semester.

(LP) = Large Pet House – These houses are for those students who would like to have registered family pets living on campus with them, or who will not be bringing a pet, but would like to live in an Large Pet House. Please see the Pet Policy for more information.

(W) = Health and Wellness House – These houses are for those students interested in an environment that promotes health and wellness. This consists of smoke-free, alcohol-free and substance-free living, along with wellness programming.

(FY) = First-Year Community – These houses are for first-year students only.

2018-2019 Housing Themes


  • Gandhi (FY, F)
  • Gershwin (FY)
  • Mill (FY)
  • Prasch


  • Berkeley
  • Copley
  • Ibsen (LP, F)
  • James (LP)


  • Freeman
  • Knox
  • Newton (F)
  • Wilson (LP)


  • Leighton
  • Morris
  • Oberg (LP)
  • Scott (LP)


  • Benedict (F)
  • Dante (FY, W)
  • Darwin (LP)
  • Kennedy (FY, LP)


  • Beecher (LP)
  • Blakely
  • Dalton
  • Douglas (LP)


  • Byars (W)
  • Lukens
  • Wittner (LP)
  • Wrenn


  • Henderson (F)
  • Hiaasen
  • Hubbard (LP)
  • Kirby (LP)

Nu (LP)

Omega (LP)

Sigma (LP)

West Lodge (LP)