Management Major

The Management major focuses on acquiring those competencies that constitute the accepted body of knowledge within the discipline as those competencies apply to management of small businesses and not-for-profit organizations (including governmental entities).

The competencies achieved in the Management major are the ability to:

  • Analyze, within the context of the environment within which an organization operates, complex business problems, and apply appropriate techniques to solve these problems
  • Evaluate and understand complex ethical issues and develop appropriate policies to address these
  • Conduct quantitative analysis and research appropriate for management of organizations
  • Understand and apply general management principles and skills, including leadership and interpersonal communication, to engage in effective group work
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing

The course sequence for a major in management is as follows:

First Years

  • MN 110S Principles of Management and Leadership
  • MN 272S Management Information Systems
  • MN 271S Principles of Accounting


  • EC 281S Microeconomics
  • EC 282S Macroeconomics (Micro and Macro may be taken in any sequence)
  • MN 260M Statistical Methods in Management and Economics


  • MN 220 Quantitative Methods for Management and Economics (prerequisites: statistics, MN 272S, MN 271S, and EC 281S).
  • IB 369S Principles of Marketing
  • MN 371 Organizational Behavior and Leadership (prerequisites: Statistics and MN 110S)
  • MN 377 Introduction to Business Finance (prerequisites: MN 272S, MN 271S, and one of either EC 281S or 282S)


  • IB 378 Investment Finance (prerequisites: MN 271S and either EC 281S or 282S)
  • Two Management Electives


  • Two Management Electives
  • MN 498 Business Policy and Strategic Management (comprehensive in management) Fall or Spring Term of Senior year. Prerequisite: Senior standing and successful completion of the writing portfolio.

Management majors are required to complete each course with a grade of C- or better. Management majors are encouraged to minor in one of the traditional liberal arts.

A minor in management consists of six courses:

  • MN 110S Principles of Management and Leadership
  • MN 260M Statistical Methods in Management & Economics
  • EC 281S Microeconomics or EC 282S Macroeconomics
  • MN371 Organizational Behavior and Leadership

and two of the following:

  • MK300S Principles of Marketing
  • MN310S Operations Management
  • MN376 Human Resource Management
  • MN377 Introduction to Business Finance
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    Three of the courses for the Management minor must be Eckerd College courses. Students with extensive transfer credit should consult with the Management discipline coordinator about meeting the requirements for the minor. All courses for the minor must be passed with a grade of C- or better.