Leadership Studies Minor

The Leadership Studies minor includes six courses from the approved list of courses. These courses address theory, skills, and values and expose students to a multitude of relevant dimensions of scholarship about leadership. In addition, students must complete a major project, internship, or practicum in which they demonstrate significant leadership.

Complete five of the following courses from the first two groups:

Theory/Scholarship (select 3)

  • MN 110S Principles of Management & Leadership
  • HD 207S Group Dynamics
  • EC 301S Leadership: The Human Side of Economics
  • EN 411 Social Entrepreneurship
  • MN 312S Women and Leadership
  • MN 371 Organizational Behavior & Leadership
  • MN 385 Leadership of Complex Organizations
  • MN 406S Nonprofit Management

Skills (select 2, no more than one from each discipline)

  • FD 1 Leadership & Self Discovery Practicum
  • TH 101A The Human Instrument
  • TH 163A Basic Acting
  • CM 121 Fundamentals of Oral Communication
  • CM 223 Argumentation & Debate
  • CO 122 Analytic & Persuasive Writing
  • CO 328 Research Writing and Technology

Complete one of the following courses or an independent course or project which demonstrates significant leadership:

  • CR1/2 305 Resident Advisor Internship
  • FD1/2 280 Peer Mentoring Internship
  • HD 405 Practicum in Group Process
  • MN 480 Proctoring in Management
  • MN 482 Proctoring in Organizational Behavior

All courses for the minor must be passed with a grade of C- or better.