Eduardo Fernandez
Professor of Physics and Mathematics
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison

Erin Griesenauer

Erin Griesenauer
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D., University of Iowa
Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science (MPC) 204

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Erin Griesenauer received her Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Iowa. Her undergraduate degree in applied mathematics is from the University of Tulsa. Her research is in the area of operator theory, and combines perspectives and techniques from abstract algebra, complex function theory, linear algebra, and differential geometry. In particular, she is interested in studying algebras of cross sections of holomorphic matrix bundles.

Keith Copenhaver
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D., University of Florida

Lindsey Fox
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D., University of Tennessee

Nazarré Merchant
Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D., Rutgers University
Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science (MPC) 219

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Naz Merchant received his Ph.D. in linguistics from Rutgers University. Prior to his doctoral work in linguistics he attended the University of Oregon receiving a M.Sc. in mathematics and a M.Sc. in computer science. His undergraduate degree is from Eckerd College. His research focuses on the learnability of natural language grammars with an emphasis on the learning of optimality theoretic grammars. This research is currently restricted to parts of phonological, morphological, and lexical learning. Besides his research, Naz has more than a passing interest in actuarial science, having spent a number of years working as an actuary. He also enjoys running and biking. Check out his webpage.

Bjoern Muetzel
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D., Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne

Visiting faculty

Sean Murphy
Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
M.A., University of South Florida


Gerald J.G. Junevicus
Professor of Emeritus of Mathematics