Student Activities

Every Wednesday afternoon in the Fall and Spring Semesters our mathematics and physics majors meet in a joint hour-long seminar. Here students make oral presentations on a variety of mathematical and scientific topics. All math majors are required to participate in this seminar throughout their Junior and Senior years.

Other activities of student interest are:

R-GILE – Reading Group In Linguistics at Eckerd. Each week, a group of students and faculty meet to discuss various topics in linguistics. The group discusses issues in historical linguistics such as how English has changed over the centuries, cognitive linguistics including how a grammar could be represented in the mind, how children learn language so quickly, and what are the current theories of grammar. The groups interests in language are quite varied, and they are always looking for new people and topics — no previous knowledge about linguistics is needed, only a curiosity about how language works! R-GILE is coordinated by Professor Merchant.

Topology Problem Solving Group. Augmenting the course Introduction to Topology, a group of students will conduct a close reading of some supplemental topology textbooks ofttimes communicating directly with the authors to correct typographical errors in the texts. The Topology Problem Solving Group is coordinated by Professor Kerr.

Banner photo (top): Fractal artwork by Megan Lynch ’21