There are two minors possible through the Mathematics Discipline: a Mathematics Minor and an Applied Mathematics Minor. Both require a total of five math courses. Two of the courses must be Calculus I (MA 131) and Calculus II (MA 132). The remaining three courses must be numbered above Calculus II.

The Mathematics Minor requires that at least one of the five courses comes from the Pure Mathematics track courses listed above or be Introduction to Mathematical Thinking (MA 237N).

The Applied Mathematics Minor requires that three of the five courses come from the Applied Mathematics track courses listed above or from the following: Introduction to Statistics (MA 133M), Differential Equations (MA 234N), Linear Algebra (MA 236N), or Calculus III (MA 233M).

A student may not minor in both math and applied math. A mathematics major may not receive a math minor nor an applied math minor. At least three of the five courses for the math minor and the applied math minor must be completed at Eckerd.

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