Jessica Leffers

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Continuing Education Center (CEC) 237


  • Ph.D., Northeastern University
  • M.S., Northeastern University
  • B.A., Goucher College

Dr. Leffers is the Director of the Categorization and Reasoning (CAR) Lab. Her research interests center around how people think and organize what they know about social categories like race, religion, and gender. Her studies include both children and adults and investigate how cognitive biases play a role in the way people process information, remember others, and make decisions regarding social others. If you are interested in joining the CAR Lab, email Dr. Leffers at

Jessica Leffers joined the faculty at Eckerd in 2021. She completed her Ph.D. at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. The courses she teaches include Introduction to Psychology, Research Methods, and Human Cognition, Psychology of Decision-Making, and Cross-Cultural Psychology.

In her free time, Jessica spends time with her pets, reads psychological thrillers, and loves to travel.

Jessica Leffers smiling at camera