Why Psychology at Eckerd?

Don’t just study psychology – do it

Students majoring in psychology have the option of completing either a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. The B.A. program is intended for students who want a strong background in psychology as preparation for careers in such areas as law, public health, and medicine. The B.S. program is intended for students who plan to go to graduate school in some area of psychology. Both programs provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge regarding theoretical approaches, research methodologies, and practical applications of psychology’s many sub-fields. The B.S. program additionally provides extensive hands-on experience with designing, conducting, and analyzing original research projects.

The psychology program at Eckerd College is different from most programs. At other schools, students often take so-called advanced classes after completing only the introductory psychology course. This results in courses where some of the students have had several psychology classes, while other students have relatively little background. How does a professor teach such a class? He or she must teach it at a level which is just one step up from the introductory level – creating a great deal of redundancy and limiting the depth of instruction. At Eckerd, however, we design courses so that they build upon one another, creating a sequence of increasing power. Our students are taught how to perform at the level of graduate students by their senior year so that they can work with faculty members involved in professional research.

At Eckerd you will find a community of individuals who are excited about their participation in contemporary psychology. You will be encouraged to become a Student Affiliate of the American Psychological Association and to think of yourself as a person with a significant contribution to make. You don’t just study psychology – you do it. The possibilities after you receive your degree are limited only by your motivation and creativity. Your training at Eckerd will give you skills that students at other schools do not learn. That’s the competitive edge.

Psychology Scholarships