Sarah Lyle

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Continuing Education Center (CEC) 236


  • B.A., Psychology, Ohio Northern University
  • M.S., Experimental Psychology, Nova Southeastern University
  • Ph.D., Health and Developmental Psychology, University of Georgia

Dr. Sarah Lyle is the director of Eckerd’s Health and Well-Being Lab, and she teaches courses in health psychology, developmental psychology, and research methods.

Her research takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of stress and resilience across the lifespan. Students volunteering with the Health and Well-Being Lab can gain a variety of research skills including, sleep assessment, anthropometric measurement (e.g., blood pressure, height, weight, and waist and hip circumference), qualitative coding (e.g., scoring interviews, observational videos, and written responses), acute stress administration (e.g., Cold Presser Task and the Trier Social Stress Test), psychosocial measurement selection, and statistical techniques. If you are a current Eckerd student who is interested in working with Dr. Lyle, complete this form.

In her free time, Dr. Lyle loves exploring new dog parks with her partner and two dogs, Eevee and Noodle, seashell hunting at the beach, and rock climbing.