IB 101S: Introduction to Global Business
Introduction to the field of International Business. Focus on globalization and international trends. Investigation of the economic, political, economic and cultural environments of international business. Analysis of the entire range of international management. Comparison of management practices in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

IB 201M: International Business Statistics
Course covers basic statistical theory and methods including descriptive statistics, probability, correlation, estimation, confidence intervals, tests of significance and hypotheses, ANOVA. Students will learn to use computer software to conduct statistical analyses in business decision-making.

IB 210S: Students in a Free Enterprise
Socially responsible competition for customers, profits, and entrepreneurship. Economic principles, market ethics, educational outreach.

IB 260S: Cultural Environment of International Business
The vital role culture plays in international business. Understand the process of communicating across boundaries and develop analytical skills in examining intercultural interactions.

IB 300S: Principles of Marketing
This course provides an introduction to the principles, concepts, and tactics of marketing. Students will explore the various marketing strategy decisions related to product development and management, pricing, placement and logistics, and promotion. A contemporary perspective of marketing is emphasized and topics related to internet marketing, relationship marketing, nonprofit marketing, ethics, and sustainability are discussed.

IB 303G: Global Capitalism
Examine a century long debate about different ways to manage the world's limited resources. Compare and contrast different political and economic systems, and examine which systems might be best suited for the 21st century.

IB 312S: Marketing for Global Tourism
Introduction to marketing within a globalized tourism and service organization. Explores marketing strategies in light of customer expectations. Considers the role of social media and other technologies in effective forms of communication.

IB 313G: Marketing in Emerging Markets
The course focuses on international expansion into emerging markets and discusses how companies and organizations need to adjust their marketing strategies to be successful in less economically developed markets.

IB 360G: Marketing a New Global Venture
Explore new ventures, “born global” startups in a diverse and creative environment by participating abroad in an innovation academy program while being mentored by experienced professionals from around the globe.

IB 378: Investment Finance
Exploration of financial instruments and markets in the investment world with emphasis on stocks, bonds, real assets, derivatives, and preparation of a financial portfolio. Prerequisites: MN 271S and either EC 281S or EC 282S.

IB 401: Internship in International Business
Field-based learning experience at international businesses or agencies that support and promote international business. Periodic meetings with the sponsoring professor. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing.

IB 475: Investment Analysis
(Directed Study available) Advanced investment course focusing on in-depth analysis of specific investment alternatives. Prerequisite: IB378 or MN 377.

IB 480: Proctoring in International Business
Practical leadership experience for advanced students. Working closely with the sponsoring professor, participants will coach students enrolled in International Business courses. Prerequisite: Senior standing.

IB 485: International Marketing
International product management, pricing in foreign markets, multinational distribution and business logistics systems, world-wide promotion programs, international market and marketing research. Prerequisite: MK 300S.

IB 486: International Finance and Banking
International monetary systems, banking, foreign exchange management, long run foreign direct investment decisions, and international equity and debt markets. Prerequisite: EC 282S, and MN 377 or IB 378.

IB 491: Intl. Sports Marketing Intern

IB 498: Multinational Corporate Strategy
Comprehensive offered during spring semester. Only open to students who have passed the writing competency requirement.

IB 499: Senior Thesis