The international business major is designed to provide students with a variety of proficiencies and experiences related to career opportunities and/or preparation for graduate work. The competencies achieved in the major are:

  • knowledge of international business fields within a multidisciplinary perspective, including anthropology, management, foreign language, foreign experience, economics, political science, culture area, marketing, accounting, finance, and human resource management.
  • cross-cultural understanding and experience, and the capacity for leadership on cross-cultural issues in business and community life.
  • preparation for careers in international business.
  • preparation for graduate degree programs in the field of international business and related multicultural and international fields.

Requirements for the major are:


Five courses in one language with demonstrated conversational skills, or the equivalent, with a minimum average of 2.0.

World Cultures

AN 201G Introduction to Anthropology or one cultural area course with a C- or better and one course to be chosen from a list of internationally-focused economics and/or political science courses.

Business Foundations

MN 271S Principles of Accounting, EC 282S Principles of Macroeconomics, IB 369S Principles of Marketing, MN 377 Introduction to Business Finance or IB 378 Investment Finance, all with a C- or better.

International Business

IB 260S The Cultural Environment of International Business, IB 261S International Management, IB 485 International Marketing, IB 486 International Finance and Banking, IB 410 Senior Seminar: Issues in International Business, and IB 498 Multinational Corporate Strategy comprehensive examination, all with a C- or better.

Study Abroad

A winter term, summer term or semester abroad within an appropriate International Education program, or an individualized study under the direction of a member of the faculty. International students are exempt.

Freshmen and Sophomores

    Foreign Language
    Introduction to Anthropology or cultural area course
    Cultural Environment of International Business


    Foreign experience
    International Management


    International politics and/or economics course


    International Finance and Banking
    International Marketing
    Senior Seminar
    Multinational corporate Strategy

Requirements for a minor in International Business include successful completion of the following three core courses:

IB 261S International Management
IB 260S Cultural Environment of International Business
IB 410 Senior Seminar: Issues in International Business (final course of minor)

In addition, the student must complete any two of the following elective courses:

IB 485 International Marketing (prerequisite required)
IB 486 International Finance and Banking (prerequisites required)
IB 401 Internship in International Business (in consultation with an IB faculty member)
Term abroad (in consultation with an IB faculty member)