Advice for Pre-Medical Students

With proper planning and high achievement, a student can gain acceptance into medical school with any Eckerd College major.

Here are four good reasons for Eckerd pre-medical students to major in chemistry or biochemistry.

  1. Roughly 100% of Eckerd’s chemistry and biochemistry majors who apply to medical school are accepted.
  2. Exactly 100% of the science and math courses most commonly required for medical school admission also count for the Eckerd chemistry and biochemistry degree requirements. With a chemistry or biochemistry major you’ll take courses which count for both medical school and Eckerd graduation.
  3. Should your interests in medicine change, you’ll have a degree with enough depth for a good job or admission to an excellent graduate program.
  4. Chemistry and biochemistry majors are the only Eckerd students who are exempted from senior comprehensive exams, provided the chemistry seminar course is successfully completed.