Amy NS Siuda

Associate Professor of Marine Science

Galbraith Marine Science Laboratory (GMSL) 115
727.864.7726, Fax: 727.864.7964


  • Ph.D., University of Connecticut, 2007
  • B.A., Middlebury College, 1997
Amy NS Siuda


  • MS 102 – Biological Oceanography
  • MS 310 – Marine Conservation Ecology
  • MS342 – Chemical and Physical Oceanography
  • MS2 410 – Marine Science Seminar – Plankton Ecology

Research Areas

I am a marine ecologist and biological oceanographer. My research interests span marine plankton ecology from organismal to population and community levels. Plankton form the foundations of marine food webs. Complex interactions exist among plankton as well as between plankton and the physical/chemical environment. To understand these patterns and processes, my research team employs experimental (e.g., controlled bottle experiments), observational (e.g., net tow sampling) and molecular approaches in data collection. Current projects include: distribution and diversity of Sargassum and its associated community; and plankton-microplastic interactions.

I am also passionate about decreasing accumulation of plastic marine debris. Through the Reduce Single-Use Project, we raise awareness of the plastic marine debris problem and encourage reduction of single-use plastic consumption on campus, in St. Petersburg, and across Florida.

Selected Publications

  • Govindarajan AF, L Cooney, K Whittaker, D Bloch*, R Burdorf*, S Canning*, C Carter*, SM Cellan*, FAA Eriksson*, H Freyer*, G Huston*, S Hutchinson*, K McKeegan*, M Malpani*, A Merkle-Raymond*, K Ouellette*, R Petersen-Rockney*, M Schultz*, ANS Siuda. 2019. The distribution and mitochondrial genotype of the hydroid Aglaophenia latecarinata is correlated with its Sargassum substrate type in the Sargasso Sea. PeerJ. 7:ee7814. doi: 10.7717/peerj7814
  • Martin L, JM Schell, ANS Siuda. 2019. Probopyrinella latreuticola parasite infestation frequencies in pelagic Sargassum-associated shrimp, Latreutes fucorum. Journal of Plankton Research. 41: 219-222.
  • Sorace S*, S Felde*, D Carroll*, J Necker*, D Hastings, S Gowans, and ANS Siuda. 2018. Technical Memorandum: Methods for the collection and quantification of microplastics in Tampa Bay. TBEP Technical Report #08-18 of the Tampa Bay Estuary Program.
  • Schell JM, DS Goodwin, ANS Siuda. 2015. Recent Sargassum inundation events in the Caribbean – shipboard observations establish baseline and reveal dominance of a previously rare form. Oceanography 28: 8-10. doi:
  • Sehein T*, ANS Siuda, TM Shank, AF Govindarajan. 2014. Connectivity in the slender Sargassum shrimp (Latreutes fucorum): implications for a Sargasso Sea protected area. Journal of Plankton Research. doi: 10.1093/plankt/fbu081.
  • Peters A and ANS Siuda. 2014. A review of observations of floating tar in the Sargasso Sea. Oceanography 27: 217-221.
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