Awards & Recognition

More Hollings Scholarships than any other college in the country

As of May 2019, Eckerd students have won 89 Hollings Scholarships since the program began in 2005 — more than any other college in the country. Our most recent winners are Isabela Rios, Joedeelee Rigdon, Brandon Rose, Evan Coit, Sydney Hauser, Cecilia Thompson, Jennifer Necker, Annaliese Schrandt and Kelly Krause..

The Hollings Scholarship provides each student with academic assistance (up to $9,500 per year) for two years of full-time study and a 10-week, full-time paid ($700/week) internship at a NOAA facility during the summer between the junior and senior year, round-trip travel to the internship site, and travel expenses to the Hollings conference in Silver Spring, Maryland. For application materials, and more information on the program and eligibility requirements, contact the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Ernest F. Hollings scholarship program.

Goldwater Scholarships

Eckerd students also win the prestigious Barry Goldwater Scholarship. Our most recent winner is Brittany Evans ’17.

Senior Awards

Every spring, the Eckerd College Marine Science faculty select 1-2 graduating seniors that have demonstrated academic excellence or service to the major.

Marine Science Academic Excellence Awards

  • 2018 Savannah Carter
  • 2017 Brittany Evans
  • 2016 Sidney Fulford
  • 2015 Colleen O’Brien, Brady O’Donnell
  • 2014 Natasha Flores, Alexa Hasselman
  • 2013 Benjamin Belgrad, Maxine Hui Yan Tin
  • 2012 Corie Charpentier
  • 2011 Lillian R. McCormick, Rachel C. Harbeitner
  • 2010 Ben L. Cournoyer, Heather Relyea
  • 2009 Emma Hiolski
  • 2008 Kimberly Schmidt
  • 2007 Rebecca R. Helm
  • 2006 Lauren Yeager
  • 2005 Jeremy Bracone, Lance Mosher

Contribution to the Major Award

  • 2017 Cypress Hansen, Austin Hunter
  • 2016 Talene Yeghissian
  • 2015 Chris Flight
  • 2014 Christine Michael
  • 2013 Kevin Jonathan Mack
  • 2012 Lauren Van Woudenberg, Arya Poppema-Bannon
  • 2011 Nathan W. Van Bibber, Hope L. Ronco
  • 2009 Caroline Storer
  • 2008 Heather Hunsperger
  • 2006 Stephanie Sunderman
  • 2006 Jessica Rake