Ceramics at Eckerd

In the Eckerd Ceramics program, taught by Professor Brian Ransom, students are given the opportunity to learn all aspects of forming, firing, and exhibiting ceramics. From the introductory class forward, students are taught to mix their own clay, create their own glazes and fire their own kilns. Courses are offered in throwing on the potter’s wheel and ceramic sculpture. Students are able to utilize a range of firing techniques, making use of a wide variety of kilns, including stoneware, low & high vapor firing, raku, sagger, pit, and wood-fire kilns. We also have a new digitally programmable kiln. After completing the basic classes many students take advantage of the small and intimate nature of the clay program by working one-on-one with the professor on more advanced projects in independent studies. In our lively community-oriented studio, which remains open 24 hours a day, students are encouraged to create functional, sculptural and conceptual artworks in clay.

In March, 2011, Eckerd College proudly co-hosted the 45th Annual Conference of the National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts (NCECA), and Professor Brian Ransom served as co-liaison for the conference. On that occasion we also hosted an exhibition featuring works by past and current faculty, and alumni who have pursued a career in ceramics. Below are a few of the works that were included in the exhibition:

Gallery hours Mon. – Fri., 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Hodgell in Florida
Works from the Permanent Collection
January 14 - March 12

Robert Hodgell, Bait Shop

Hidden Treasures IX
Works from the Permanent Collection
February 9 – March 24

Richard Smith from Logo Suite (1971)

The Sophomore Show 2021
Visual Arts Portfolio Exhibition
Part I: March 14 - 19
Part II: March 21 - 26

Senior Thesis Exhibitions
May 2 – 7

Honors Thesis Exhibition
Selected Works from Spring 2021
May 9 – 14

The Eckerd Review
The Exhibition
May 9 - 14