AR 101A: Visual Problem Solving
Systematic approach to visual arts, developing skills in spatial organization, relating forms in sequence, discovering uniqueness, personal approach to solutions, even within narrow, arbitrarily prescribed bounds.

AR 102A: Drawing Fundamentals
For the novice or the initiated, an immersion in new ways of seeing, eye-hand coordination, self-discovery, and self- expression through varied drawing media, using as sources the figure, still-life, nature, and imagination.

AR 222A: Clay I
For beginners, the fundamentals of ceramic materials, hand forming, recycling, glazing, firing. Laboratories with supervised working time and lectures on technical knowledge and creative problem solving.

AR 226: Experimental Printmaking
Students will explore printmaking through a variety of techniques that will develop their technical, conceptual, and aesthetic understanding of printmaking media, including but not limited to image transfer, relief and intaglio. Prerequisites: AR101 and 102.

AR 227: Relief Printmaking
This course will explore relief printmaking, focusing on developing each student?s technical, conceptual, and aesthetic understanding of print media. Instruction on multiple relief printing processes including but not limited to linocut, woodcut and type-high block. Prerequisites: AR 101A and AR 102A.

AR 228: Painting Workshop
Introduction to process of painting with emphasis on each student finding his/her own imagery, exploring technical means. Any medium or combination allowed. Prerequisites: AR 101A and AR 102A.

AR 229A: Photography as Image Gathering
Process, techniques, and aesthetics of making black and white film photographs. No prerequisites, but the student should have access to a 35mm film camera with adjustable aperture and shutter speeds.

AR 241: Intermediate Drawing
Explore a variety of approaches to drawing, using traditional and non-traditional media. Prerequisites: AR 101A and AR 102A.

AR 242A: Introduction to Museum Studies
This course introduces students to the basic principles of how a museum operates. Through lectures, case studies, guest speakers, and field trips, students will experience various departments within a museum.

AR 244: Digital Photography
Photography in context with digital technology; the composition and creation of artistic digital images. Digital camera required. Evaluation based on quality of work, participation, effort and improvement. Prerequisites: AR 101A, AR 102A, or AR 229A.

AR 245A: Arts Marketing
The means available to individuals or arts institutions by which a single product or an entire institution may be marketed to the public.

AR 246: The Figure
The figure remains a vital study for artists, particularly for those whose roots are in the western tradition. Create figurative works in varied 2-d and 3-d media and explore the evolution of figurative imagery in art. Prerequisites: AR 101 and AR 102.

AR 247: Installation Art
This project-based course examines installation art and explores its potential for commentary on personal, political, social, and environmental issues. Prerequisites AR 101 and AR 102.

AR 303: Asian Art and Techniques
Learn oriental art appreciation. Explore and practice the forms, styles, techniques and materials of oriental art (mostly Chinese). Prerequisite: AR 101A or AR 102A or permission of instructor by portfolio review.

AR 307: Clay and Glaze Chemistry
In this course students will learn to work with and analyze the chemical constituents of the ceramic process. We will also create many objects to test glazes in a variety of firing methods and temperatures. Prerequisite: AR 222 and permission of instructor.

AR 308: Throwing On The Potter's Wheel
Throwing instruction and practice. Skill, aesthetic considerations, techniques and critiques. Prerequisites: AR 222A and permission of instructor.

AR 309: Ceramic Sculpture
Various techniques from forming through surface finishes. Clay as a sculpture medium from prehistoric through contemporary use, with an emphasis in creative problem solving. Prerequisites: AR 101A, AR 222A, and permission of instructor.

AR 310: New Genre Art
In this studio art course, students will create study and create art works in the newest 4d media such as installation, video, sound and concept, as well as combining 2 & 3d media such as image and word. Prerequisites: AR 101A or AR 102A.

AR 311: Sculpture
Creative conceptualization and exploration of art in three and four dimensions, employing both additive and subtractive means, including but not limited to casting, carving, welding and assemblage. Prerequisites: AR 101 and AR 102.

AR 320: Studio Critique
Independent studio work with regular critiques. Reading and written assignments on art theory and criticism. Class used for review of work, oral presentation, discussion, and field trips. Open to Junior and Senior Visual Arts majors/minors or Interdisciplinary Arts majors/minors only.

AR 322: Advanced Photography Critique
Independent projects in film or digital photography, with class critiques weekly. Evaluation on final portfolio exhibiting technical excellence and creative insight. Prerequisites: AR 229A or AR 244 and permission of instructor.

AR 325: Monotype
Explore ways of achieving single-impression images through use of oil paint, watercolor and printing inks. Printing both with an intaglio press and by hand. Prerequisites: AR 101A and AR 102A.

AR 327: Painting Workshop II
Continuation of process begun in AR 228. Individual instruction with periodic group critiques. Emphasis on larger scale works and technical appropriateness. Prerequisites: AR 228.

AR 328: Painting Workshop III
Continuation of process begun in AR 327. Individual instruction with periodic group critiques. Emphasis on larger scale works and technical appropriateness. Prerequisites: AR 327.

AR 340: Museum Studies II
A continuation of Introduction to Museum Studies that will provide a deeper understanding of art museums and the theories about why art museums exist, and how they have evolved. Prerequisite: AR 242A.

AR 341A: Museum Laboratory
Students will prepare, publicize, install and host an art exhibition on campus, while researching the featured artists and their work. Students will also visit area art museums and galleries to learn from their staff. Signature required.

AR 342: Introduction to Graphic Design
Basic elements of graphic design: typography, modern print techniques, illustration, photography in advertising, publishing, mass media. Prerequisites: AR 102A and Junior or Senior standing.

AR 345: Motion Graphics & Special FX
In this course, students will create animated graphics and visual effects for film, video, and the web. Students will explore kinetic typography, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation, compositing, and special effects.

AR 346: The Art of Web Page Design
The importance, versatility, persuasiveness and potential use of art on the internet. Become familiar with web design and computer graphic programs and develop personal creativity in digital art. Prerequisites: AR 101A and AR 102A.

AR 347: Experimental Photography
Creative applications in photography; intermediate or advanced level. The course will accommodate both film and digital photography. Prerequisites: AR229 or AR244.

AR 348: Experimental Film and Video
In this course students will produce their own experimental films and videos as well as study the history and theory of these relatively new art media. The class will exhibit work for the college community. Prerequisites: FI 210A.

AR 349: Animation on the WEB
Explores the relationship of art and technology while familiarizing the student with computer animation programs for the Internet and the aesthetics of computer art. Prerequisites: AR 101 or 102 or AR 343 Intro to Computer Art.

AR 350: Photography as Contemporary Art
Production of photography (film or digital). Reading, research and discussion of various topics related to contemporary photography, with creative projects according to designated themes/genres. Final portfolio of best works. Prerequisite: AR244 or AR229A.

AR 352: Branding Design
Students will research the use of corporate design and identity for branding purposes. Further exploration into corporate identity as a branding tool for advertising, marketing and social media will be investigated. Prerequisite: AR 342

AR 410: Visual Arts Senior Seminar
Senior thesis closure. Critiques, slide-making, portfolio building, resume writing, interviews with artists, visits to off-campus art events, graduate school concerns, larger art issues.

AR 420: Studio Critique
Independent studio work with regular critiques. Readings and written assignments on art theory and criticism. Class used for review of work, oral presentation, discussion, and field trips. Prerequisite: Junior Visual Arts majors/minors or Interdisciplinary Arts majors.

AR 499: Senior Thesis and Seminar
For Senior art majors preparing thesis shows, self- structured time to work, regular weekly meetings, critiques, practice in hanging and criticizing shows. Personal, individual discussion time with instructor. Prerequisite: Senior major in art.

Photo (above) by Rachael MacDonald ’18

Gallery hours Mon.–Fri., 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Rodolfo Opazo (Chile, 1935 - 2019) Apolo Suena con Piton, oil on canvas, 1990

Works by Latin American Artists
Recent Acquisitions to the Permanent Collection
January 3 – 28, 2022

Earl Linderman, Snake Lady in Taos, oil on canvas, 1981

Figures and Faces
Works from the Permanent Collection
January 6 – 28, 2022

Jim Crane - Olmec, acrylic and gypsum on board (1991)

Jim Crane: Paintings and Collages
Works from the Jim and Heidi Crane Collection
January 10 – March 4, 2022

Kirk Wang - Human Skin

Landscape of Human Skins
Mixed-Media Paintings by Kirk Ke Wang
February 7 – April 1, 2022

Neverne Covington - Theory of Chaos, oil on canvas

Neverne Covington '77
Recent Paintings, Drawings and Prints
February 7 – March 18, 2022

The Sophomore Show
Visual Arts Major Portfolio Exhibition
Cobb Gallery
March 7 - April 1, 2022

Senior Thesis Exhibitions
Visual and Interdisciplinary Arts
January 30 – May 13, 2022

The Eckerd Review
The Exhibition
May 2 - 6, 2022