Noëlle Boucquey

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

Environmental Sciences (ES) 108


  • Ph.D., Environmental Studies, Duke University
  • B.A., Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

My research focuses on how relationships between human and environmental actors form in particular spaces, and with what effects on the social and ecological well-being of these systems. I attend to questions including: how access to and power over natural resources is negotiated, how technologies mediate our environmental knowledge and governance practices, and how particular assemblages of human and nonhuman actors perform in ways that affect their social-ecological resilience. Topically, I employ case studies in coastal and marine resource use and the governance of ocean spaces to think through these conceptual themes. My current projects are described on my professional website:

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • Wildlife Policy
  • Fisheries Governance