Student Opportunities

The environmental studies major offers students a variety of educational endeavors that expand the classroom learning to new levels. The wide array of excellent courses will build the foundation of knowledge necessary to be successful in a multitude of fields. To truly take advantage of the program, it is encouraged of all students to engage in research, take part in an internship, and study abroad to develop the practical skills and experience to prepare for life after Eckerd. In an effort to assist your efforts, we have pulled together information related to student opportunities during your studies and beyond.

Active Student Groups

Students at Eckerd have the opportunity to actively participate in managing the campus environment through involvement in student-run organizations and clubs.

Campus Wide Special Projects

Land Preservation and Restoration
Students have preserved a pinelands/freshwater marsh on the eastern portion of the campus and are currently working to protect other areas. Students are active in planting on campus and removal of invasive species.

Administrative Committees
Students, faculty, and staff serve on the Environmental Affairs Committee that recommends polices for Eckerd College regarding its use of, and responsibilities concerning, the natural environment.