The minor in Environmental Studies requires six courses, three required courses and three environmental field courses.

Required Classes (must take all 3)

  • ES 172 Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • ES 211 Introduction to Earth Science or MS 101N Geological Oceanography
  • ES 270 Introduction to Environmental Biology or BI 111N Ecology, Evolution, and Diversity or MS 102N Biological Oceanography

Environmental Field Classes (pick one class from each field)

  • One Human Ecology class (AN 210 Sustainable Development, ES 214 Green Design, ES 228 Food and Sustainability, ES 280 Environmental Education, ES 375 Environmental Communication)
  • One Environmental Policy class (ES 216 Coastal Management, ES 315S Wildlife Politics & Policy, EC 373 Natural Resource Economics, EC 374 Environmental Economics, EC 388 International Economic Development, PO 325S Environmental Politics and Policy, PO 343S International Environmental Law, PO 337E Chinese Environmental Politics)
  • One Environmental Humanities class (AM 314E Environment in American Thought, AM 319E Environmental Film Colloquium, CO 200E Writing the Environment, ES 351E Influential Environmental Writers, HI 316E Empire and the Environment, HI 353E Environmental History, HI 354E European Environmental History, JA 235E Japanese Cinema: Images of Nature, LI 106E Southern Literature and the Environment, LI 208E Children's Lit and the Envi, PL 243E Environmental Ethics, RE 282E Asian Religions and Environment, RE 283E Nature Religion, RE 381E Ecotheology, TH 272E Performance and the Environment).