Amanda Hoffman-Hall

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies (ES) 104A


  • Ph.D., Geographical Sciences, University of Maryland College Park
  • B.S., Geography, University of Oklahoma

Courses taught

  • Environmental Studies
  • Environmental Health
  • GIS
  • Remote Sensing

Short biography

Dr. Amanda Hoffman-Hall teaches courses in Environmental Health, Climate and Environmental Justice, Remote Sensing, GIS, and Earth Science. Her research focuses on making the world healthier and more equitable through her work in environmental health and justice, spatial epidemiology and prediction of infectious disease risk, and algorithm development for satellite mapping of land cover and land-use change. She believes that the best health and environmental research outcomes arise when projects prioritize community knowledge and expertise, and scientists, activists, community members, and policymakers work together towards just solutions. She has authored publications in GeoHealth, Remote Sensing of Environment, International Journal of Infectious Diseases, and Environmental Research Letters.

When she is not teaching or researching, Dr. Hoffman-Hall can likely be found at a Rays game, weightlifting, enjoying a concert, or exploring the globe with her partner and children.